a new complete outfit - top inspired by Alabama Chanin

I have finished an Alabama Chanin inspired top and straight-leg pants.
With temps in the 40s F, it is c-c-c-cold in South Carolina, but I am so excited about my new clothes, I braved the coldness to take a few outside photos.  The Appalachian Mountains can be seen in the distance through our bare-leafed trees.
Much more comfortable in our warm indoors, this top and pants were from my Make a Garment a Month Challenge plans from November 2013.  With both November and December being much busier than first anticipated, this outfit was pushed to January 2014.   
Using NEWLOOK 6735 view B top pattern, made a size 10 with 5/8" seams in the body and 1/4" seams in the sleeves, altered to be long-sleeved and a little longer length, it was machine stitched in construction with hand-embroidery around the neckline and sleeve hem inspired by Alabama Chanin, who I adore. 
I am so glad I didn't push myself, as I had this 'vision' of an Alabama Chanin inspired top and took the time to create my vision with this top. The hand-embroidery was done in chocolate brown embroidery thread in the herringbone stitch.  I love the textures.  I will be writing a future post highlighting the top in more detail.
All the focus has been on the top, but Simplicity 7131, view D, worked well for the pants.
I believe this pattern may be out-of-print, but I wanted a pair of skinny-ish straight leg pants and with the leg width at 11", this was the skinniest I found that I thought would fit me.  I made a size 10, with 1/4" seams, elastic-waist and I've been wearing them most of today and feel they will make a great daily pair of pants.  I've already watered and fed the chickens and you just can't beat the ease of an elastic waist.  I like that these have a fairly smooth silhouette because the elastic waist does not have too many gathers.  I decided to make these in a lightweight khaki twill instead of the originally planned chocolate brown.
I'm enjoying filling in my 'plan' sheet with colored pencils corresponding to the garment I've completed.  The poncho should be done soon.
I'm ready to make another Alabama Chanin inspired top using this pattern.  The only change I will make, is to flare it a little more from the waistline to the bottom.
I think these will suit my country lifestyle well, giving me an opportunity to look put-together in case I need to dash to the post office or grocery, yet comfortable in my daily activities.
UPDATE: You can read how I made my Alabama Chanin inspired top here and for fabric information here.

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  1. great job Lisa!! you know, I have been quilted for so long now I have almost forgotten how to read a guide sheet...been mentoring a hs student with her sr project and wanted her to learn and and I had to refresh myself!!!

  2. Yikes, puts my everyday outfits to shame!. You look purdy darn put-together, that's for sure!

    1. Well we don't have to dress for your Minnesota weather down here in SC. You have to be oh-so-much-more bundled up than I do! :) Thank you Mama Pea.

  3. Nice outfit. Looks comfy, but very put-together.

  4. So pretty...and what a terrific idea to put together a plan like you have. Very inspiring :0) mari

    1. This was the first time I'd ever thought about a 'plan', much less draw it out! Thank you Mari!

  5. You are wise to make clothes that suit your lifestyle - they are all still classics, but practical as well. That's what you want, a wardrobe that works well for you :)

    Nice job on both of these garments - I like the hand worked neckline - it adds a nice touch.


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