Garment for October 2013 ~ Done!

My October outfit is complete for Sarah Liz's 'Make a Garment a Month Challenge'.  My personal challenge is to complete an entire outfit each month.  The brown suede jacket is rtw.
My initial plan for this month was to complete a longstanding unfinished cardigan that had already been begun out of the lacy-sweater knit, but after finishing the top, made of the very same fabric, the cardigan has been scrapped.  Never mind so much had already been sewn and done, including the lining fabric cut out and ready to put in; this fabric snags on everything and I need to be able to do all the things I love to do, like pick up a sweet pup, without worrying about my clothes.   This little sleeveless top snagged multiple times as it was in the final completion stage, and I'd just had it at that point.
Let's look at the top.  It's NEWLOOK 6108 view c that I've made before, so I knew to cut a size 8 and sew a 1/4" seam.
I agonized over the mechanics of sewing this top much longer than the time it took for its actual construction.    This lacy sweater knit is so sheer (at this time I still thought I'd be making the cardigan and plans were for this little top to 'match' the cardi) and I didn't want seams showing through between that, as my fashion fabric, and a not-so-pretty tan knit used as my 'lining'.  The 'stripes' were cut to go vertically, because I did not want to deal with horizontal stripes after all the matching on my recent 'stripes' top.  It occurred to me AFTER everything was cut out, this would've looked cute cut on the diagonal (bias?) for an asymmetrical look.  Not keen on how my stripes sit a little wonkily as the cowl of the top pulls everything in.... it would've looked better cut horizontally or on the diagonal... better yet, don't make this again out of a striped pattern!  By the way, the cowl is very easy to make with only one pleat at the top of each shoulder seam.   The armholes were serged then tucked in and hand-stitched and that was a great idea because it gave the armhole area a nice finish without a seen seam.   All the other seams were serged with the exception of the cowl neckline, it was straight stitched turned inside out because I knew the drape of the cowl would hide any fabric from the seam showing through the lacy knit.
I usually wear jackets or cardigans with sleeveless tops, so the jacket hides the stripe wonkiness.
The skirt was completed a few weeks ago and blogged about here.  It is linen and the pattern was traced from the BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook.
Our chickens (above right) were so very interested in my little photo session... they kept peeking around the corner of their coop!   Looks like the cat (above left) wanted to be a part of the fun too!  I didn't realize that until I uploaded the photos.
It was really hard deciding not to finish the cardigan.  This was the first time I've completely scrapped an in-process garment; but at the same time, it feels like the right decision and was 'freeing' of sorts.

Now to choose an outfit to make for November.

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  1. Hi Lisa, sometimes you do have to scrap a project, but usually in the process you learn something - and I'm sure you will go on to make this top again in a non-snag fabric. I agree, clothes have to function for the sort of life you live. The skirt is lovely, and the whole outfit looks good together. Well done, I 'll post in the Make a Garment a Month Challenge on Saturday. Look forward to your November plans.

    I love the hens - during my childhood, my parents had a hobby farm - 500 free range hens!

    1. You are so right, it is all part of the learning experience and maybe that cardigan just wasn't such a great idea from the beginning, because as soon as I told myself it was 'okay' to let it go - it felt great and allowed me to move on to thinking about other things I want to make. 500 free range hens?! Wow, that was quite a hobby farm?! Thank you Sarah Liz!

  2. I agree sometime you just have to make that hard decision to scrap a project but it saves you a lot of angst later on. I'm impressed that you are planning to make outfits during this challenge and really like the combination for this month.


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