a personalized, quilted wallhanging

What was supposed to be last year's Christmas present, has become this year's birthday present for my youngest daughter who's all sunshine & lollipops....
... a personalized, quilted wallhanging just for her. 
My inspiration....
...Summer 2008....
Figuring out the font.... until I saw Jacque's adorable 'Happy Town' quilt and thought 'that's it'!
There was much fun drawing letters....
...and making sure they would be right side up to applique.  The letters need to be mirror backwards on the fusible product.
Blanket stitched the letters, again inspired by Jacque.  Used 100% cotton warm and natural batting and free-motion quilted the whole thing.  My first fmq project this size.  Measures 25 1/4" x 14 1/2" finished so it was very easy to manipulate.
A simple one-piece of fabric for the back to fmq.
All this time couldn't figure out if I wanted the finished product to be a pillow or a wallhanging.  At this point decided a wallhanging it would be so I could add 3-dimensional elements.

A petal-ed flower with yellow french knots in its center and a tatted butterfly resting atop in one corner...
...another set of same in the bottom corner.  I'd made a similar flower to embellish one of my older daughter's dresses long ago when she was but a little thing.  It was nice to try to re-create something from my girls' past, even though they are both young adults now.
More of my tatted doodles.... tried to not overdo it with the embellishments and keep it more on the 'simple' side.
Added 3 little loops so she can hang it.  Purchased cheap suction cup hooks so she can move it 'round easily and not worry about damaging anything.  And that's it!
Happy Sewing Everyone!

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  1. Lisa, this is a fabulous piece! The 3D flower, the letters, the embellishments you added....if I in some way sparked your creativity, I'm honored. This is such a special gift -- I know she will love it!

    1. Thank you so much Jacque!!! and thank you for sharing and inspiring creativity and 'thinking outside the box' on Lilypad Quilting.

  2. How adorable! I can't imagine her not loving it. Someday, you are going to be a treasure of a grandmother making clothes and such for your granddaughters-to-come. (No, no, no, I'm not rushing things, but I can just imagine how much fun you will have doing that!) :o}

  3. It is fun to think about, isn't it?! Thank you so much Mama Pea!


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