a new planned outfit for October 2013

It's been a creative morning planning my first complete outfit for the 'Make a Garment a Month Challenge' for the month of October.  As you may recall, my personal challenge is to create a coordinated outfit each month.
With today the 23rd of October, my husband's birthday tomorrow and only a week left in this month, I asked Sarah Liz if my recent linen leopard skirt (pattern traced from the BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook) could be included in this month's outfit.  That was 'okay' because it was completed in October, so now to figure the rest of my outfit.
This 'beginning of a cardigan' has been hanging around, looking at me, on the hanger, incomplete, every... single... day... since May with only the shoulder, arm and side seams sewn.  (Lacy ecru/cream does not photograph well against 'white'!)
This cute cardi from Nordstrom was my inspiration.  NEWLOOK 6735 cardigan view A looks similar and was chosen.
I had run into a complete roadblock - or rather mental block - when I realized how super thin the lacy ecru/cream knit was.  In the photo below, right, you are looking at the view out my sewing room window - to the left it's through the sheer knit.  I did not want a cardigan this sheer. 
There's a distant mountaintop out there too, blocked by the glare of the sun.
My plan is to fully line my cardigan with a pretty cream fabric and add a pocket like the Nordstrom's.

Okay, cardigan has a plan..... now on to the top.

This cardigan is, and still will be even when lined, very delicate and lightweight so a sleeveless top would work best.  NEWLOOK 6108 view C has been chosen.  I've made this top before (below right), so know how it should fit.  Thinking the slight cowl neckline will add a nice interest.
Will be using a what-was-I-thinking-when-I-purchased this stretchy tannish/brownish/skin-colorish knit.  It photographs more on the gray scale than the tannish color it really is.
To make it all work, the tannish/brownish fabric will be the lining and the lacy knit that the cardi is made from will be the 'fashion' fabric toning everything down.  Hopefully it will have a coordinated look without looking too coordinated, if that makes sense.
This 'challenge' forced me to take the time to make a plan and now I'm ready to work my plan.  Thank you Sarah Liz!

UPDATE:  The finished garment(s) can be read about here


  1. I love challenges like this! It gives you the feeling that you're not in your sewing room alone . . . while providing impetus for working on the project when (possibly) it might just be easier to set it aside. For right now. Or next year. Or, in some cases, forever! ;o} I'm enjoying seeing your posts on your progress!

    1. You are exactly right! and I thoroughly enjoyed this morning's creative process,deliberately setting aside time to get concrete plans in place that I've been putting off. Thank you so much Mama Pea!

  2. Hi Lisa- it is so lovely to meet other sewers via this challenge - that is the nicest part about it :).

    Your friend is right - a challenge does tend to keep you on the sewing track.

    I love all your plans - it's great to get rid of the ''what was I thinking of'" fabrics into a really nice garment - I think this cardigan is going to look great, and should go with the skirt - but it will certainly be a lovely neutral garment that will go with other things too. Great wardrobe builder.

    Love the skirt, love the top you made in pink - you might be a novice at sewing for yourself - but you have honed up some great skills over the years sewing for others :)

    1. I am so looking forward to meeting other sewers through this challenge and be a part of the larger, global sewing community; enjoying every step along the way. You have made me feel so 'welcome'. Thank you so much for your kind, encouraging words.

  3. your cardigan and skirt will go together beautifully - it's a great idea to make a complete outfit at a time. :)

    1. Trying to push myself a little there! Thank you Jolanda!


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