Stripes is DONE!

Can you tell I am excited to have this little top DONE?! 
Geez .......it's only been in the works since June. 
Is anyone else having problems realizing it's already August?!  Where has this summer gone.
This is why I called this little top 'stripes'.  I lost count of the many seams that had to match up the (many!) stripes.
NEWLOOK 6110, view B looks simple enough, and should be simple enough, but for some reason this little top gave me fits.
Part of the problem was probably my fabric.  It was oh-so-stretchy and oh-so-ridgey-stretchy that neither my serger nor Bernina liked to sew on it very much.  Even using the differential feed on my serger, which usually works beautifully on knits, did not work on this fabric.  Everything seemed to s-t-r-e-t-c-h it out.
It was a $3.00 purchase from Wal-Mart.
To add to my aggravation, I'd initially cut out plenty in length for the tunic length, then thought it'd be 'too long' and promptly cut off a huge chunk to make it more of a 'shirt'.  Then purchased some new leggings and decided that a tunic length would be perfect after all and THEN it was too short.  When I added a strip of fabric (more like 'scrap' of fabric at this point because I'd been using the previously cut out 'chunk' to try to get my machines to sew without puckering) back on to the length, you can see the stretchy, pucker lines of the seam.
I am not so keen of how the hem puckers in these photos .....and it really still needs to be a little longer.
Somehow it didn't look so bad in the mirror.  *sigh*
Also, after sewing the sleeve per the instructions, (see 'top of sleeve' in the photo collage above for a view of the slit) I decided I didn't want the 'slit' after all, so I slip-stitched that closed.  I like this better for my shaped arms. 
The instructions have you turn the neckline facing under and sewing on the outside of the garment, finish the entire neckline.  That absolutely did not work for me and this fabric.  It stretched everything out so that it 'missed' the facing fabric in spots and others were skewed all over the place.  I ended up pinning the facing, without turning anything under, sewing the outside stitch, then trimming the fabric to 1/4" or so from the seam in the facing and let it be.  Because it's knit, it won't fray or ravel.  I'm not thrilled with that, but I had to move on.
Changing the subject..... have you been able to spot my little friend hanging out at the base of the Rose of Sharon?
His name is 'Astral' and he's a magical, mystery gnome who loves to pop up in different locations on our property.  :)  I found him here this morning.
I don't know if I'll make another shirt from this pattern.  But am looking at the 'view a' slim-fitting pants to try. 

Let's see how the cost works out:
Handmade Shirt Cost Breakdown:
Pattern cost:  $2.97 (from Wal-Mart)
Fabric cost:   $3.00
Total handmade shirt cost: $5.97
Leggings are rtw.
Thought my Rose of Sharon's blooms are so pretty and has the colors of this shirt, that it'd make a nice background for this humid, overcast morning's photos.   Hope everyone is having a good day!


  1. Well, now I'm totally exhausted from going through all the trials and tribulations with you during the construction of this top! ;o}

    The finished product certainly looks very nice on you but, my-oh-my, I would have thrown in the towel on it long before it was done. You are one determined lady to have stuck it through to the end and come out with a very attractive top!

    1. You wouldn't believe how close this top came to going in the trash... many times.... and I'm still not convinced I'm satisfied with how it turned out after seeing these photos! Thank you Mama Pea!


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