a throw for a friend's birthday

Who doesn't love the soft cuddliness of polar fleece?  Even though it's already hitting 90 degrees in the beginning of our Southern summer, air conditioning can be chilly enough to enjoy having a throw on hand.
My friend Lynne is special.   With our children close in age, we've known each other many years, sharing in our children's 'growing up' times.  She lives in the country too and raises 'oreo cows'... Belted Galloways.  She loves her cows....
....and they love her.
You can read more about our fun 'girl's day out' by clicking here.
Knowing blue is Lynne's favorite color, when I saw this polka-dot blue polar fleece, it immediately made me think of her.
Using the Oh-so-easy Polar Fleece Throw with crochet edging pattern, it was completed in a short time. 
The 'front'....
Turning the edge under as I crocheted over it was the only modification I made to this pattern and can be seen in the photo of the 'back' below....
A handmade card and decorated envelope completed her gift package...
Even though this was a simple birthday gift for my dear friend, I still prayed for her as I worked on her throw and let her know how much I treasure our friendship.
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  1. This hits me today as just the most adorable, soft, cuddly, loving, little gift to make for a friend. (Waaaaah, I want to have time to do things like this!) Alright, that's enough, Mama Pea! Shape up, the time will come when I can find the time to do this myself. (It would be a great cuddle blanket for a toddler, too, wouldn't it?) I'm bookmarking this as a definite project to do. Thank you for sharing, Lisa!

    1. Hey Mama Pea ~ there, there my friend... your remodeling project is moving along nicely and you'll be back to normal soon.... hopefully?! Seriously, you are so funny! I got the fleece at Hobby Lobby and am glad it 'photographed' as soft and cuddly as it was 'in person'. It would absolutely make a great cuddle blanket for a toddler. Polar Fleece usually comes @60" wide. So for an adult, I buy 1 1/3 yards which makes it @48"x60". You could easily make a smaller size for a toddler, or stay with the 48x60 size for he/she to 'grow' into.

      In the meantime Mama Pea, the days are flying by so fast, you'll be back in that (drooling-with-envy) quilt studio of yours before you know it!

  2. You are so talented!!!!! Drooling! Plus you must never sleep to get done all you do! Beautiful! Nancy

    1. Thank you so much Nancy. What a nice thing to say. I've been feeling guilty lately, that our summer garden is taking so much of my time away from these handwork projects I (also!) love to do. Finding the balance is always a little tough. Thank you again. You are kind.


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