a throw for a friend's birthday

Who doesn't love the soft cuddliness of polar fleece?  Even though it's already hitting 90 degrees in the beginning of our Southern summer, air conditioning can be chilly enough to enjoy having a throw on hand.
My friend Lynne is special.   With our children close in age, we've known each other many years, sharing in our children's 'growing up' times.  She lives in the country too and raises 'oreo cows'... Belted Galloways.  She loves her cows....
....and they love her.
You can read more about our fun 'girl's day out' by clicking here.
Knowing blue is Lynne's favorite color, when I saw this polka-dot blue polar fleece, it immediately made me think of her.
Using the Oh-so-easy Polar Fleece Throw with crochet edging pattern, it was completed in a short time. 
The 'front'....
Turning the edge under as I crocheted over it was the only modification I made to this pattern and can be seen in the photo of the 'back' below....
A handmade card and decorated envelope completed her gift package...
Even though this was a simple birthday gift for my dear friend, I still prayed for her as I worked on her throw and let her know how much I treasure our friendship.
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Dee's Trinity Stitch Prayer Shawl for her dear friend, Bev

Through Ravelry I've had the opportunity, other than this blog, to share my knit and crochet designs and was thrilled when Dee e-mailed to let me know she'd finished a beautiful prayer shawl for her dear friend Bev using my Trinity Stitch Pattern, and Homespun Lion Brand yarn in Painted Desert colorway.   

It turned out beautifully!
Check out the stunning hand carved shawl pin she included
For more photos please visit Dee's blog post.  This energetic lady is also a student holding down a 4.0 GPA.
I asked Dee for permission to write about her story on Piecework Treasures and she told me...
I would be honored to have you put the story on Piecework Treasures. I spoke to Beverly on Friday night after she had received the shawl. She absolutely loves it. She also told me it was perfect timing since she starts chemo again this week. She gets chilly and is excited to have the shawl to keep her warm. Her mother and daughter were both eyeing it so I may just have to knit a few more.

  A lot of prayers were said and tears were shed. I am happy to be able to wrap her in God’s love especially during chemo when she will be ill and weak.glad I did persevere.
Dee's story is one of perseverance as she struggled with finding the right needles to suit her needs, as well as a labor of love for her dear friend who is in stage 4 cancer.
Dee's Ravelry Project Notes:
May 15, 2012: Wow! This truly was a labor of love. I tried 4 different needles, Clover Bamboo (HORRID for this project. Shaft was too short, tip too fat and the cable too stiff.) The 2nd set was a metal circular. Shaft was too short to be comfortable and the interchangeable cables kept snagging the yarn. I switched to Boye 14” straights but since I do most of my knitting in bed or the car these proved too difficult to use. The last set I purchased at Webs in Northampton, MA when I was there in March. They are Knitter’s Pride Basix. The shaft is approx 5.5” - 6” and the cable was just a bit too stiff but workable. They had 2 burrs and kept shredding the yarn. My husband actually sanded down them down to a slightly finer point to eliminate the burrs and added a semi-gloss finish. I think if I had a do over I would ask for gloss instead as they were almost too “sticky”. The re-invented needles did the trick and allowed me to complete the shawl with relative ease. For such a simple pattern it really gave me a go of it. I finished the shawl tonight. Added 10” fringe for impact. It ended up wider and longer than I actually anticipated after blocking but I think it turned out wonderfully. I wanted it big enough to use as a “throw” or a car blanket. It is so soft and fluffy. Like a big hug! I added a hand carved shawl pin as well. I hope she really loves it as much as I loved creating it for her.
I owe a huge thank you to Lisa Spivey, the designer. She provided encouragement when I was about to give up. THANK YOU LISA! :)
The shawl is for a dear friend with stage 4 cancer. I did not pray for God to cure her, only to let her live to see her only daughter graduate from college. If anyone reading this is part of a prayer chain please add Beverly. Thank you and God Bless.
May 21, 2012 - Update: Beverly received the shawl and loves it. She starts chemo again this week and gets chilled easily. I am blessed God chose to instill the love of crafts and knitting in my heart and in my hands. I wept when she described her reaction when she unwrapped it. I will be seeing her in several weeks and will give her God’s love and a warm hug in it!
I told Dee I cried as I read her project notes and that "I will pray for your dear friend and am sure she will feel ‘hugged’ and embraced by you everytime she uses her throw.  I am so glad you did not ‘give up’. You are a blessing."
'Thank you' Dee for sharing your story and may God bless your dear friend.
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