a pretty apron ~ easy to make

A friend who loves to cook whose birthday's drawing near,  McCall's Easy stitch'n save M5505 pattern, a yard of pink-flowered 100% cotton fabric that looks as bright and fun as she is, a couple of hours set aside and a pretty apron was completed for her...
All raw edges were serged and turned in twice so even the serged seams don't show.  This gives the apron a nice finished look.
All heavy wear points, such as neck strap and waist tie seams, were reinforced with extra stitching.
Thinking it looked a little too 'plain' and needed a feminine touch of 'lace' but could find no suitable trim in my stash....
 ....after a few minutes of crochet 'play'....came up with a pretty custom trim....
...checked for fit...
...pinned in place....
...sewed seams through the straight edges of the crochet.... the seams literally disappeared into the lace trim.
A simple touch...
...delicate and pretty.  You can see in the photo below the bottom of the trim is like little 'picots'...
....not a very flattering photo, but wanted to show more of the pattern of the apron...
....it is quite pretty on, as I've already made one for myself!
The instructions for the little lacy crochet trim I worked up for this apron will be printed in the next Piecework Treasures post; in the meantime, I hope my friend likes her apron as much as I enjoyed making it for her. 
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  1. What a lovely birthday present! And you made your own lace trim . . . I never could have made anything like that. (I would have reached for my ric-rac stash!) Love the simplicity of the pattern. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Mama Pea ~ methinks you absolutely could as talented as you are!! I'm still looking at... analyzing... picking apart in my mind... how you made those beautiful potholders! Thank you!

  3. When I saw the word "apron" in your labels list, I couldn't resist taking a look, since I'm very "into" aprons right now. This one is certainly a pretty apron; I really like aprons with bibs and the lace is perfect!

    1. There's just something about aprons that are just fun, aren't they! Thank you lil red hen.


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