NewLook 6292 #2 | Tunic Top

Wanting a fresh new outfit to wear to the Biltmore on March 15, 2019.....
...... NewLook 6292 view D with view C long sleeves was cut out on March 11 and finished on March 14.  That's fast for me!!
The pattern was mostly chosen because I'd recently made it, below, and knew it'd fit and more importantly be long enough in the back to cover the derriere well with the new pair of leggings/skinny pants I also made specifically for the special day.  I wanted to be comfortable with all the walking, stair climbing and getting around the Biltmore Estate without worrying about uncomfortable clothing concerns.
This outfit was a great success on all accounts.  Decided to keep the hi/low hem thing going on even though I continue to not necessarily like this 'look' on me.
I just really wanted the coverage in the back.   Today I am also wearing the new leggings/skinny pants made specifically to go with this outfit.
It was unseasonably cold this morning!  Fabric came from my favorite only-open-once-a-month-to-the-public-textile outlet center and is some sort of lightweight polyester quite similar to the feel of the green/brown tunic fabric above.
Here, as at the Biltmore, I am wearing it with the white Itch to Stitch Hepburn Turtleneck made last year.  It was a cold day at the Biltmore, and it's a cold day today.  Also.... for some reason.... this placket turned out lower than the green/brown version and needs something underneath for modesty purposes.
Wanting to show you, below, how proud I am of not only centering the medallion design well, but cut and sewed the placket perfectly centered.
A little tricky process, I took a few photos during construction with the iphone to share a little of what I did.  Here I am beginning to line things up.  The instructions have you trace the placket sew lines and cut lines on the interfaced placket piece.  Here I am trying to find my center using the cutting mat.
Next I pinned the center cut line.  This would be the most critical point to line up.
Once I thought that was looking well..... I kept checking the pin points on the front and shifting things around in the back..... I added the pins to mark my sewing lines.  If you look carefully you'll see they are all pointing 'up'.  That's because I sewed this in 2 parts..... beginning at the neckline and sewing to the bottom of the placket, lock and snip threads.  Then sew the other line beginning at the neckline and sewing to the bottom of the placket, lock and snip threads.  This will keep the fabric from distorting while sewing.
One last check of the pins before sewing.  You can see the middle pins, marking the cut line, goes perfectly through the center of the medallion.  The other pins, marking the sew lines are centered on the medallion well.
One last look.    Hopefully I'll be posting about the little crossbody bag I made soon, as well as the leggings/skinny pants.
My current work in progress.....
  The skirt is done and fits p-e-r-f-e-c-t-l-y. 
..... and finished 2 home dec pillows one afternoon using leftover sweater fabric from the recent Ottobre cardi.....
 .....complete with invisible zippers.  Why have I not put invisible zippers in my home dec pillows before?!!!  Super easy!!
Hope it starts feeling more like Spring soon!  I've been down with the flu but am beginning to feel better now.
Happy Sewing All!  :)