Infinity Scarf | a super quick make

Why did it take me so long to jump on the Infinity Scarf bandwagon, I do not know, but incredibly this is the first Infinity Scarf  I've ever made and it was oh-so-easy and quick.
Using the Free Tutorial by Melly Sews, it took more time to wrap my brain around how to line up the edges by pulling the tube sort of inside itself than to actually sew this thing.  I chose to machine stitch everything closed as there's so much twisty-turny-drapey fabric that seam will not show.  It doesn't.  So no time was wasted hand-stitching anything.
Only requiring a piece of fabric 22" wide by 2 yards long, I used a remnant of the drapey sweater knit from the recent Ottobre Cardi.  This is like a freebie!!  I'm showing it to you today paired with the Itch to Stitch Hepburn Turtleneck on my dressform.....
 ..... but plan to wear it with the addition of the McCall's sherpa suede coat
And since this is such a quick post, thought I'd share a little of the baby quilt I've been working on.  This is for a sweet baby girl recently born to a couple from my church, and a quilting friend from church and I spent a pleasant afternoon piecing the top using combined "baby girl" fabrics from our stashes.  She had the cutest fabrics!!  Oh there was much fabric envy on my part..... those bunnies were hers.  ;)  After she left I sandwiched everything together and thought I'd sit down at the machine and quilt the whole thing in about an hour or two.  Ha!  Boy was that time frame a joke.  I'd forgotten how time consuming quilting is so maybe 4-5 hours later I was done.  Whew!
The pink polka dot binding is all prepped and that's where I'm at.  Soooo close.  I think.  My friend has an embroidery machine, so while I was doing all the quilting, she was embroidering a beautiful quilt label.  I'll show you that in the finished post I hope to have up sometime next week.
So on that note.....
Happy Sewing All!!  :)


  1. You will enjoy your new infinity - once you have figured out what to do, it becomes easier the next time, believe me. You just have to figure out the twist and flip...and I agree, that's hard the first time! Your little baby quilt is adorable.

  2. I love the looks of all the "infinity scarves" that are so popular now. But being short (5'3") and having a short neck (!), I kinda look like I have an "infinity blanket" snuggled up around my chin when trying to wear one! This one will look quite chic on you.

    What an adorable baby quilt you and your friend created. I remember when I first read that you should spend as much time doing the quilting on a quilt as you do piecing it . . . well, how discouraging. Unless, of course, the quilting part is your favorite part. (Not mine.) ;o}


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