Black knit miniskirt | Ottobre Design Woman 05/2016 no. 7 miniskirt

Do you ever want to have something to go with your newly made something and you wanted it made yesterday?!  That's how I felt after I made the red/black plaid quilted vest recently and this little black knit miniskirt fit the bill perfectly!
Such a simple, easy skirt to make... it rounds out the wardrobe well.  There's a faux wrap feature in the front there.
 And the back is super cute!
I've made this skirt before out of a patterned knit and have always wanted a black knit version.  Shown in the photo below with the accompanying Ottobre top.  More about both pieces here.
Ottobre Design Woman 05/2016 issue shows how she styled both pieces together..... but this post is about the skirt, so let's look a little closer at the skirt.
Having always felt like the 'gap' of the faux wrap of the previously made skirt was a little too much for me, I widened the 'wraps' of both front pieces by 1" and feel this new 'gap' is much more modest, yet still has a cool vibe going.
Black is so hard to photograph so these construction images are lightened considerably.  This cute skirt takes minimal yardage so was able to use black pontiroma knit scraps from WalMart that was hanging around the stash leftover from earlier made black leggings.  So guess this skirt was sort of 'free'!  Nice!!  Twin-needled top-stitched the front wrap panel side 'hem' seams, and front and back yokes.  Decided to leave the side seams serged together..... no top-stitching.  Thought this was enough plus I didn't want the side seams to feel 'stiff'.
Isn't the back cute!  The 1 1/4" elastic is quartered, then serged on and turned down and zig-zagged stitched closed.  For the bottom hem I thought this was coming close to being a little on the short side so only sewed a 3/4" hem top-stitched with a single seam.
Love this back yoke!  Has a sort of 'jeans' vibe going on in the back.  Not worried about the elastic waist as there will never be a top tucked in.
 One more look of the set.  A perfect skirt for this vest.  It's super comfortable to wear too.
That's it for this week.  This little skirt took maybe a couple of afternoons..... deciding how to alter the pattern for the extra width and top-stitching took more time than the actual construction.
Happy Sewing Everyone!


  1. The skirt is a smart addition to your wardrobe, and your modesty modifications made it more wearable. Love it!

  2. I think I have that issue. I love this skirt!

  3. What a cute wrap skirt. You wear the short length well and it‘s a good addition to your west!

  4. Cute skirt.. so pretty with your newly made vest.. Love the outfit. Happy sewing.

  5. What a great little outfit! There is something really satisfying about whipping up a little TNT - must be the almost instant gratification factor! Good idea to make a false wrap...especially with such a short skirt and with the angled slit - not much left to the imagination when wind blows or you are sitting down!

  6. The skirt goes very well with the vest! I bet it goes well with a lot if things,I really like it on you! :)

  7. When I saw this on IG I had no idea that it was a faux wrap and I love it! Thank you for showing all the details, the yoke gives a lovely shape and the wrap provides interest. It goes so well with your new vest.


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