Kirsten Kimono Tee - a great little top for summer!

May has been a busy month of participating in Me-Made-May 2014 and gardening with little time to write a post about the two Kirsten Kimono Tees I've made.  Thanks to Nancy D (love her blog and adore her dog!) writing about the 3 cute Kirsten Kimono Tees she made using the free download pattern, I was off to check it out.  I can see why she made 3 at one time, they are easy to sew up, a super quick make, use little yardage and a fantastic little top to wear!  The free pattern from Maria Denmark can be found here.

An oh-so-soft white jersey knit fabric from Wal-Mart was made into the first top.  Below, you can see it looks nice under a jacket.... 
....or holding its own.
The same little top with a more casual skirt.
Nancy's right, there's "Just enough sleeve to keep the sun off your shoulders."
I was so comfortable, even in 92 degree heat this day!
For the 2nd top, I used a multi-colored rayon spandex knit from Joann's and cut a small on top, flaring to a medium from the waist down, so this top gives me a little more 'fitted' look.  Still wanted the 'cap sleeve' look, only hemmed the sleeves a mere 3/8".   This fabric is totally different than the white knit in both feel and drape.  I love it too!  These photos below, this day, were taken at an 1845 restored historic mill.
All seams on both tops, with the exception of attaching the neckband, were sewn on my Bernina, not the serger,   The neckband was basted first on the Bernina, then finished with the serger using the differential feed.  After making my Alabama Chanin inspired top, I really like the seam edges unfinished in a knit yet felt the serger would help 'stabilize' the neck.  My AC inspired top's neck was not done in this manner and seems a little 'stretchy' now.
Can't sing the praises of the ease of downloading the pattern.  After making the medium, I simply downloaded/printed the pattern again and cut the small making my alterations.  So easy!
Come to think of it, this 2nd top completes my April Make a Garment a Month Challenge plans.   My notes had listed this fabric as 1 1/2 yards, but after washing and drying in the dryer, it shrunk to barely over 1 yard, so a Kirsten Kimono Tee it had to be!  I was not convinced the original top I'd planned to make with this fabric is really 'me' anyway...
...but the nice, clean, simple lines of the Kirsten Kimono Tee are definitely me!

White Kirsten Kimono Tee  $5.97 cost  (Wal-Mart fabric)
Multi-colored Kirsten Kimono Tee $8.99 cost (Joann's fabric)
Pattern = Free!
Maria Denmark Kirsten Kimono Tee free download
Reference on knit fabrics:  Threads Magazine's Samplings of Knit Fabrics


  1. Cute and versatile...and free! I have Kwik Sew 3036 that is very similar. The simplicity of both the style and construction makes it such a winner. I will need to pull it out and make it again!

    You're doing great keeping up with the MM pledge. Congrats on sticking with it!

    1. Yes, 'simplicity'! Thank you Barbara! MMM14 has been quite time consuming, but such a positive experience on all sorts of different levels. Enjoy your top too! and hope it's not too terribly hot your way. :)

    2. The great thing about MM May (of whatever year) is the way it tells us whether or not we've done a good job at sewing a wearable wardrobe. Now, some people don't want to and are happy making special clothes only. I've read other people say they have enough clothes for the month but notice that they're dressing up a great deal more than usual because their me-mades lean toward fancy, less basic. If I only made fancy clothes, I'd never wear them. Or if I did, I'd be the most overdressed grocery shopper in my neighborhood :)

  2. Nice shirts! Love the outfit in the first picture! Did you make that jacket too?

    1. I wish! That's a rtw jacket that I love. I did make the skirt from NEWLOOK 6192. Thank you Marianne!

  3. I do not sew anymore.
    I do love how you put things together...simple yet elegant
    Yes versatile too.

  4. What a lovely t-shirt this is - it looks lovely in both versions. You inspire me to put this on my list now :)

    1. You and I have both made the top from NEWLOOK 6216 that is very similar to this one, but I think I like this little top better. I should've mentioned that in this post. I think you'd like it Sarah Liz.

  5. Somehow it never occurred to me to play around with the shaping on this tee. You are brilliant! Now my fingers are itching to give it another go. Congrats on two very lovely tops. And thanks for the shout out!

    1. Ummmm, not sure about the 'brilliant'.... just lovin' this little top pattern! You are hilarious Nancy! You, of all people, with all your experience, you've just cracked me up this afternoon! Thank YOU!

  6. Lisaaaa!!!

    Thank you, lady, for including the link to Ms. Denmark's tee shirt. Looking at the blog photos I am thinking it's YOU that's the cutie pie, maybe not the tee, LOL. I tell you what . . . I'll make one and let's just see. It does look comfy.

    Thanks for the share, girl.



    1. What can I say.... Lyric you've made my day!

  7. Love this tee.. both look great on you.. thank you for sharing this pattern. I went and run it off ,now, just need to sew it up..


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