Day 25 ~ Me-Made-May 2014

I've missed a few days of Me-Made-May, but gardening all day on Day 23 in 92 degrees heat did not lend itself well to photographing and Day 24 was spent about the same.   A second (unblogged) Kirsten Kimono Tee has been completed that I am wearing with the (unblogged) NEWLOOK 6246 elastic-waist pants.  Think I'm about ready to up my sewing skills to tackle a zipper and waistband pair of pants because I'm about ready for a more 'fitted' fit.  These are looking a little baggy-ish.  They are really comfortable though.  My husband kindly took my photos for me today.
We took these photographs at Hagood Mill, our local 1845 historic mill that is still in operation.  Below is the 'Mill Stone Memorial' with the actual mill to the rear.
You can still buy stone-ground cornmeal and grits here.
There are also a few historic buildings on the property and I'm standing in front of a restored 1800 log cabin.  In the very first photo of this post, I'm standing by this building's chimney.
The Kirsten Kimono Tee is really a great (free) pattern that sews up quickly, uses little yardage of fabric and looks nice.  I'm already thinking of a 3rd!


  1. Really attractive and great color choice. Very nice.

    1. Thank you JMD! This fabric is a multi-colored rayon spandex knit from JoAnn's.


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