a Tunic Top from NEWLOOK 6216

I have made a new top and am still trying to figure out how I feel about it.
I had a leftover piece of fabric from the mid-1990s that was juuuust enough to make this top that I thought looked so cute on the pattern envelope.  My fabric had a little one-way stretch and I thought it would 'swing' and 'drape' nicely.  I pictured it with a lightweight long-sleeve tee underneath, as I'm wearing it today, for Fall/Winter wear and wear alone for Spring/Summer.   Sarah Liz has written extensively on how she tackled this little top.
Cut a size 10 in neckline and bodice and aiming for a longer short sleeve look, cut a size 18 length on the sleeves.  Wanting a tunic top to wear with my leggings, added 4" to the length... because that's all the fabric I had to work with.  Being a good girl this time and following directions, sewed a 5/8" seam and all turned out too tight.  Unpicked and re-sewed a serged 1/4" seam... because that's all the fabric I had to work with.   The sleeves and hem are simply turned under 1/4" and top-stitched.  I didn't even serge them first as the fabric is an unraveling knit.

Spent the most time on the neckline.
It cuts out quite large and the neckline band included in the pattern pulls it in snug leaving puckers all 'round.  I did not want that look.  So I made one large pleat in the front middle, still stretching the band while sewing to pull it in a little all over without too many puckers.  This turned out to be a good idea because my fabric didn't have much 'stretch'.  In hindsight, I could've cut the neckline smaller and the neckband a little larger for all to lay nice and flat without needing a pleat.  I think that's what Sarah Liz did when she made hers.  I spent a couple of hours one afternoon from start to finish.
So the jury has been out on this top, until I saw the new Spring 2014 collection on J. Crew's   Pinterest board this morning.  This cute dress caught my eye. 
J. Crew Swoop Dress in Latticework Medallion made of silk
This dress reminds me a lot of my tunic top, with the exception that the neckline shows more pleats - maybe 4?, instead of 1 in the middle.  The fit looks similar.   J. Crew's Product Details calls this style a "straight silhouette" and now my top makes sense - think 'straight' - not 'swinging' or 'drapey'.

Not sure if I will make another top from this pattern.  After looking at today's photos, I think I've got too many 'curves' for this 'straight silhouette'.

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  1. Good save on the neckline. The pleat adds a nice details and...as you show...is quite fashion forward!

  2. Thank you Barbara, you are most kind, as I wasn't sure I'd 'saved' or 'ruined' the neckline.


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