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Corduroy Pillows with Piping and Zipper

Who wants to look at boring custom-made black corduroy pillows, complete with piping and zipper.... when you've got a cute little toy Maltese around!  Yep, thought so.  :)
We enjoy shopping at our local Sam's Club and I could not believe this 60" x 70" gorgeous faux fur leopard throw lined with a most luxurious microfiber suede was only $29.98?!!    Seriously?!  There would be more $$ in the fabric alone to make it myself.  Machine washable and silky soft I knew it must be mine and this one purchase triggered a little re-do of our hearth room.  Ya' know.... coordinating pillows must be made.   There might even be new windows treatments in the works.  Maybe.  ;)
Modeling must be such hard work
Thinking pillows would be a boring post I enlisted Towa's modeling help today.
Cracker?!  Did someone say cracker?!!
The (purchased non-zipper) pillows I had on this loveseat were getting old, but the stuffing was good and the size was perfect.  Using the old pillows as my pattern, I was able to match the cording size for the piping and found enough black corduroy in the stash for pillows around the same size.  Black velour found in the stash was used for the piping.  Kind of thought it'd be nice to have texture on texture even though black just sort of fades into black.  These pillows measures 20 1/4" x 20 1/4" because of fabric limitations.  The old pillows measured 21" x 21" with a 1/2" seam allowance, so figured I was pretty close.  I made 2 identical pillows.
I've made lots of pillows with piping in the past, but never one with a zipper so figured this would be a good chance to learn that process.  I could've used invisible zippers, now that I've got an invisible zipper foot for my machine, but decided to use black all-purpose zippers from the stash because they would never be used in a garment now.  I'm sold on invisible zippers in garments!!  Anyway, got everything cut out and ready to go and found I just could not wrap my head around how to sew the piping AND install the zipper.  A quick Google search later and stumbled on the best video by Peg Baker "How to Sew a Pillow with Piping and Zipper".  She used an all purpose zipper too so I simply followed her easy-to-follow steps and am pleased with how my pillows turned out.  You can see in the photo below the zipper pull I forgot to tuck in for the photograph (whoops!).... and how the zipper butts right up next to the piping at the bottom back.
Another view.... with the zipper pull tucked in.... how it all lays nice and neat.  There is an additional seam that you can see here, where the zipper is sewn in, but I like it.  It's not that noticeable and sort of tucks everything in.  Again, this is at the bottom back of the pillow.
Now that the modeling session is over, little Towa looks more like her usual self.... all happy and sunshine-y.  She's 10+ years now and as you can see from her white eyes, almost completely blind now.  We love her.
And Suzi wants to say hello too this morning!  She's been a part of our lives ever since I gave her to my mother-in-law years ago for a companion dog.  My mother-in-law is unable to live independently anymore, so we are thrilled to have Suzi with us now.
It was fun to pull all the supplies for these two pillows from the stash.  Sometimes that's when it feels more 'creative' to me...... see what I can make with what I have.  Now back to garment sewing!
Happy Sewing Everyone!  :)


A couple of fun, easy projects for the home

Though I haven't been doing any garment sewing - which I need to do, I have been having fun with my Thrift Store box of fabric.  *smile*

I've made 2 new (striped) pillows for the sofa in front of the fireplace.
The cotton duck canvas fabric seemed to have been waterproofed on the 'wrong side', so the pillows were supposed to be for the two deck wrought-iron rockers.  But my husband and daughter both loved them here.... so here they are.  I used the pillow inserts I'd made for the Christmas pillows, so this was a fast 'n easy project. 
(Note to self - cut the fabric 16 1/2" square, 1/4" seams, and it's perfect for these two inserts.)
Re-covered a @100 year old family heirloom vanity bench.  Cutting into this beautiful, velvety-sort-of-textured fabric didn't phase me at all.... but removing brad nails down to the original silk covering and not destroying any old wood made me hold my breath.
This little bench is a companion to my Oklahoma grandmother's vanity, but is now a footstool for our tapestry wingback chair in our hearthroom where we enjoy catching up with each other's day, watch TV and spend most of our time.  It felt good to prop my feet up for a moment after I nailed the last little nail and screwed the top down.  Whew!
Oh, and what is in that pretty red wooden box there?...
My Shetland Lace Scarf I've been spending so much time with.  I must be a s-l-o-w knitter as this seems to be taking me forever!  The yarn's been giving me such fits, I finally thought to check the yarn's Ravelry page, and sure enough it's been discontinued.  Not surprising.  It does not hold its 'twist' and it's like knitting with two strands of yarn - one fuzzy and one like a cording.... hard to keep track of the stitches.  I'm about 60% done.  Tom made me this little wooden box too and painted it 'barn red'... my favorite color.  Now I have a couple of pretty boxes to hold my work-in-progress projects.
Towa's my one and only companion now as Gummy, the Cockatiel, did not last long in my sewing room.  The dust and dander she created was simply too much, so she's back in Melissa's room, where I think she feels more comfortable anyway.
Hopefully I'll have a garment to share soon.  All is cut out, just need to sit down and sew.  In the same breath, it feels nice to have a few home dec projects done to sort of 'spruce' up our home.  Both the little bench and the two pillow's fabric came from my Thrift Store box... with more in-the-works.

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Christmas Pillows | 2-in-1

Finished our new Christmas pillows last night just in time to enjoy them for a couple of weeks before packing them away for next year, and wanted to share with you how they turned out and the story behind-the-scenes.

The photo below, was my original vision..... but we like the 'wrong' side, photo above, the best!  What's so neat here, is that if we get tired of one side, we can always turn them over and enjoy a totally different pillow 'look'.  2-in-1?!
It all began realizing we had nary a holiday pillow in our home.  Having made many pillows in the past, thought it'd be a cinch to run up a couple of fun seasonal pillows, and finding a bolt of red velvet panne in my hands at our local Wal-Mart for $3.97/yard, one yard was purchased.  Why one yard?  It seemed like a good idea at the time - thinking there'd be plenty of fabric for 2 @18"x18" pillows.  Well there would've been if I hadn't decided to include piping, as strips were cut off and piping sewn still thinking there'd be plenty of fabric.

These are pillow sleeves because I did not want to store 2 fully stuffed pillows for one whole year.  I began by making two muslin pillows filled with poly-fil stuffing, using my food scale to measure each muslin pillow to make sure each had equal 'stuffing'.  I want to use these in other pillow inserts I'll be making after Christmas.
As you've probably guessed by now, I ran out of fabric.  I ran out of fabric to such a degree that I didn't have enough of one piece to complete one of the backs, and that's why you see the red velvet panne pieced in the pillow below.  I really thought this pillow was going to turn out sooooooo bad - and was sooooo surprised it's our favorite!  The piecing looks like a decorative feature and the plaid criss-cross makes it feel like it's a present waiting to be opened.  Love it!  The plaid also turned out to be great at 'hiding' the opening for the insert.
Wracked my head with all sorts of ideas for the pillow closure from buttons, to velcro, to zipper and decided on a simple sleeve.

...and found out what happens when you do not overlap the fabric enough..... it gaps...
....because it needs @2 1/2" overlap. 
This pillow is perfect.
Let me add I washed and dried the red velvet panne in the washer and dryer before cutting anything out and it laundered beautifully and should be easy to clean in the future.  Not having worked with velvet panne before, I was surprised at how slippy-slidey it was and had a little trouble keeping it through my machine while stitching those narrow piping seams.  Also, once cut the edges would curl like crazy and it was hard to see a 'straight' edge.  These pillows are very 'forgiving' in those areas and ultimately, I am thrilled with our new 2-in-1 seasonal pillows.

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Does 1 Davy Crockett bar
1 bowl of oatmeal?

That's what I'm telling myself this morning!  Yesterday was spent in the seasonal rhythm of making these delicious Davy Crockett Bars, filled with pecans, chocolate chips and yes, oatmeal for my husband's Christmas office party.  Isn't it too bad a few didn't fit on the serving platter?!  You can find the recipe posted on our family's Shady Grove Journal along with the recipe for those delicious Peppermint Meringue candies you see smuggled on my breakfast plate too!  These are providing the fuel to complete a couple of red velvet panne'  Christmas pillows whose fabric is so slippy-slidey but will be oh-so pretty and festive when on my sofa.

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