'Make a Garment a Month' challenge

Earlier this year I began the journey to sew my own clothes.  It has been slow going and a learning curve with every garment.  I've made a cardi here, a skirt or two (or three or four!) there and a couple of little tops.  I am pleased with my humble beginnings, but what I really need is to get all these garment ideas out of my head and into patterns and fabrics, continue to advance my sewing skills, move along at a faster pace and complete, not only individual garments, but coordinated outfits.

Sarah Liz, from SarahLizSewStyle, is hosting a 'Make a Garment a Month' challenge that looks fun and motivating to me.  I've not participated in a 'challenge' or 'sewalong' before but am joining hers today.

My personal challenge to participate in 'Make a Garment a Month' will be to make an entire outfit each month.  That could be a dress, a top with coordinating skirt, a top with coordinating pants.  Cardigans will need to be coordinated with a dress, skirt or pants. 
You can join this challenge at any time and her rules are very doable.  Click here for more information, including how to be a participant.
1.   The garment must be for you and not for someone else - this challenge is also about personal sewing space and your sewing needs.  This is special sewing- for- you time.

2.  Choose a garment at the beginning of the month that you want to make up as your garment of the month.  It can be from a pattern, an idea, a picture from a magazine, snoop shopping - whatever you like.  Post this choice for the month on your blog and tell everyone what pattern you are using or what choice you are making. 

3. Blog about the garment when you have finished it (and in between if you want to).  Please take a photo of yourself wearing the garment - and if you feel that you would like to, style the garment as well.  Clearly label the post "Make a Garment a Month" - my garment for "month".
Thank you Sarah Liz for hosting this 'Make a Garment a Month' challenge!  I look forward to participating, meeting other sewists and rising to the 'challenge' as my wardrobe fills in and becomes more coordinated.

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