a friend's prayer shawl

A beautiful prayer shawl completed by Kim and given to her friend Lorraine who is battling breast cancer.
Kim's five year old son did a terrific job as photographer!  I love the colors she used in her fringe.
Kim recently completed a Trinity Stitch Prayer Shawl for her friend Lorraine, and with her permission, I wanted to share a little of her story with you today.

She wrote:
"I just wanted to thank you for your simple but beautiful trinity stitch prayer shawl pattern. My neighbor who I have become very close with over the past 6 months has breast cancer and has gone through chemotherapy and is going in for her 1st surgery today.  In August I decided to knit a prayer shawl for her and came across your website and liked your pattern the best.  I wanted to finish it for her first surgery and was able to meet that goal last night and I delivered it to her this morning at 7am, her surgery is scheduled for noon today.  She loved the shawl and even though she isn't supposed to have to stay overnight in the hospital she said she is taking it with her today. I loved that she loved it.  I don't usually knit stuff for myself but I am thinking of making one for myself.  Lorraine said when she is done with her cancer treatment her and I will sit on the front porch together with our shawls and drink some wine together.  Sounds like a great idea to me!  Thank you for your wonderful website."
We will pray for Lorraine. 

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  1. How very sweet of Kim to have written that lovely note to you! Saying a prayer for her friend Lorraine.


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