'Down the Rabbit Hole' and more of October 2019

October flew by and until I began to put together this post, thinking there wouldn't be much to share, I was surprised at how much happened this month.  October is my youngest daughter's birthday, and this year she turned 27 years old and her one and only request was for me to take her to our local museum's special Alice in Wonderland exhibit called 'Down the Rabbit Hole'.  And what a fun day it was!  With a lovely display of original artwork, the main exhibit room held costumes and paraphernalia from Tim Burton's movies starring Johnny Depp.
Because this is a sewing blog after all, we'll focus mostly on the textiles.  The attention to detail was stunning.
Alice's chain mail was actually woven ribbons.  Very cool.
The Queen of Hearts costume was interesting.....
..... as was the White Queen's....
..... and Alice's gown that she 'grew out of'.....
..... but it was this one..... one of Johnny Depp's Mad Hatter's outfit that truly caught my eye and my attention.
There was interesting details at every glance.... different buttons..... the thread sash.... scissor holder....
..... ribbons at the ready.... but it was the way the costumer 'made' the fabric for his coat that was fascinating.  Distressed, yet perfectly tailored.
The beautiful shirt with triple top-stitching tied with a silk tie.  Each detail unique and different.... yet pulled together a perfectly cohesive outfit and garment.
Cheshire Cat greeted you as you walked in.  Our museum had even built in different sized doors and 'rooms' for you to open and have an Alice experience.  This yellow door was for the larger Alice experience....
...while this small door was for the smaller Alice.
The exhibit hall displayed many of the original artworks from the different popular publications, as well as information about both the author and the different illustrators through the years.  And here I'll introduce to you my second Ottobre modified sheath dress..... it has pockets..... yay!!!
Made of quilting cotton from my local only-open-once-a-month-textile outlet.... lined with bemberg lining fabric from Joann's..... finally, a true t-n-t- dress pattern customized for me, wearable, compliments my body shape and is super comfortable to move in.  Oh, and pockets..... did I mention it has pockets?! A true winner!!

Our local museum includes the history of our town with brick and mortar shop facades, built like this one below, and I had a little fun 'meeting' Mr. McBee.... a merchant and town leader from long ago.  Wearing a rtw cardi with the dress, below, but have an accompanying Ottobre jacket in the works.
Had to take a selfie with the birthday girl and of course the Cheshire Cat.  ;)
One is never too old to love foxes and cute kitty cats, right?!  So it was a new comfy outfit and extra pair of comfy shorts for the birthday girl.  Both shorts are McCall's 4979 shortened to 'shorts' and the top was NewLook 6230.  First time I've made this top, and of course made it and only THEN checked the reviews at Pattern Review.  *sigh* And yes, the top's neckline finished a little wide and large.  But it's a comfy top..... and ya' know..... foxes... and the secret making was successfully kept secret, so all's good.  Fox and pink kitty knit fabric came from Joann's.... gray knit came from Hobby Lobby.
New patterns were purchased during the $5.00 sale at Joann's this month.  The Sandra Betzina's 'Today's Fit' Vogue 1630 pants are already in the planning stage.   I did not renew my Burda subscription this year because I have 3 years of subscriptions containing a treasure trove of patterns I'd like to explore, as well as wanting to make outfits from Vogue and the other more traditional pattern companies.
Been working on the Ottobre jacket to accompany the sheath dress shown earlier.  Super simple, have made it before..... no excuse why it is languishing. *sigh* Anyway, here I'm sewing the flat felled seams with my felling foot.... but it also has hong kong seams, enclosed seams with binding as well as serged seams.  A sampler of seams of sorts?!
Joined my local YMCA the end of September and try to exercise there most days.  The exercising forces me to breathe deep..... 'exercising' my lungs so to speak.  Upping the daily protein I eat, as well as my water intake, coupled with the exercising has helped my lungs improve significantly.  Who knew October was 'Healthy Lung Month'?!....
.....then, be still my heart, to find out my local Y gives out fresh popped popcorn on Fridays!  My life is complete!!  Photo below also showing the Ottobre leggings made last year. 
Mid-month went to the South Carolina State Fair with a friend to look at the textiles.... and found ourselves immersed in the baked goods.
Sweet time is regularly spent with an elderly lady who invites me to her little wood cottage, nestled beyond those trees to the right, as you take the gentle bend around her lovely quiet, still pond filled with wild ducks and the occasional white heron, below.  She is a master pianist and we 'play' together.  More importantly, we laugh while eating chocolate and drink bold-brewed coffee.  She is a delight, a precious treasure to me.
Most of October has seen record high temps, and with the 95 degree + heat comes poor air quality.  With my poor lungs still on the mend, it limits time spent outdoors so I've been experimenting with how to set up photos inside.  Still getting used to my hair.  With over half fallen out in June/July, I am over-the-top HAPPY to see it is growing back!!!  My head is full of 'fuzzies'..... some a mere 1/4" and some 1+".  Also noticing the texture is returning more to what it used to be.  Thinking the added protein in my diet is probably helping there too.  I have to pause and say I am so blessed, as I realize that with some folks, the hair never returns.  Wearing the Ottobre sweater cardi, Burda wrap top, and old Ottobre pants, below.
What better way to close out the spooky month, than by holding a couple of cute ghosts wearing NewLook 6292 with a still unblogged self-drafted pair of leggings.
This was fun pulling together a month's summary instead of boring you with a little snippet here and a little snippet there.  I may write in this format more often in the future, though continue to write individual specific posts about makes that are new to you, the reader.  As I'm beginning to tweak my tried-n-true patterns and make the same patterns over and over again, I worry about boring you guys to death.  Need to find my sewing motivation as it's been a little lagging lately and I desperately need new clothes.  So probably expect to see more pants, tops and jackets in the near future.  Oh and exercise clothing as exercising is at the top of my priority list now.  Now where's that little Ottobre jacket that needs finishing.....

 Happy Sewing All!!  :)


  1. Your posts are never boring! I really like the Ottobre sheath dress, it is flattering and autumnal. Great to see that you are exercising your lungs - have you tried yoga? I remember my physio telling me how important it was to breathe through every bit of my lungs even if it hurts (I think it can help prevent the pneumonia from returning). I can't believe your local museum has such a fascinating collection, that is wonderful.

    1. Haven't tried yoga but it's really popular here. And thank you for confirming that the deep breaths are great 'exercise' for our lungs too! It just feels good to be able to breathe deeply again.

  2. I agree that your posts are never boring. Please don't worry about that. I'm not even into sewing garments anymore, but still find the creation of your outfits interesting . . . and educational! So good to see a post from you. Keep working on regaining your health. It sounds like you're doing a good job of that.

  3. What a lovely uplifting post Lisa xx. You're looking so well and I'm glad all of the healthy choices that you're implementing are helping you.

  4. Well what a month that was! You're obviously well on the mend and you are looking fabulous!

    1. Oh thank you ever so much Sue! What a nice thing to say! :)

  5. That exhibition looks really good! Your dress is lovely too.


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