A quick Refashion for Make a Garment a Month February Challenge 2019

Why do some of our clothes linger in the closet?  Lonely and left out they just..... 'hang' around.  Ha!  Couldn't resist a little pun there.... 'hang around'...!  Okay, okay, please feel sorry for my poor family who has to suffer with the lameness.  ;)  But seriously.... why do some of our clothes get picked to wear time and time again and others linger?  This was one of those items that was n.e.v.e.r worn, but methinks that will change now with a simple 'refashion'.
Knee deep in my vintage Simplicity ensemble, Sarah Liz's Make a Garment a Month February Theme certainly caught my eye and made me think.  Hmmmm, from Frumpy to Fabulous.
The original dress, below, (you can read all about here) was not maybe what you would call Frumpy?.... but it certainly was not Fabulous.  This never got worn.  Okay, maybe once.... then never.  I probably made it too long, but honestly it just never 'fit' right.  The neck always pulled back hiking up the center front in a weird way.... see the center front hiking up below and that hem is perfectly even.  Trust me, I checked.
So with Sarah Liz's theme in mind I decided to treat February more as a Refashion, than a 'make a new garment that fit' because I really want to wear all the lovelies in my closet.   See that center front still hiking up?!!!!!   It's the neck I tell ya'.  You can even feel it sliding back.  *sigh* Can't do anything about that but thus forth the hemline shall be called a unique hi-lo design feature.  Those hi-lo hemlines do seem to work better in a top than a dress, no?!  ;)   I think the leggings help offset the wonkiness visually too.
Soooooo all I did was chop 5" off with the rotary cutter, machine stitched a 2" blind hem and it was ready to wear in less than an hour.
I've worn this for the past 2 days now and it feels much better as a top than as a dress.  Even the neck pulling back on me isn't as annoying, may be because it's so much shorter?  There's not as much fabric pulling on me?
Love, love, love this challis fabric and really want to enjoy it.
Thought it'd be fun to snap a comparison shot..... before and after.
Probably couldn't gone shorter but wanted to try it keep it more of a tunic length than a top length.  As a bonus it's been nice to wear a woven top with my (unblogged) Ottobre/Burda mashed up leggings than always putting on a knit.    Maybe there's a need for more woven, tunic tops in the handmade closet.  Hmm.
Happy Sewing All!  :)


  1. This is such a great idea...just this morning I was scanning the closet and asking myself what I could do with some of these tops to make them a bit more WOW after having watched a video on the same subject.I sense a theme going on here!!! Your remake looks great.

  2. Yes, a much better length - the other was alright as a dress length, but I suspect you did not wear it as a dress. This looks nice...and yes, tunics over leggings are a good idea - they add just a hint of modesty while still showing off slim legs. I must remake my challenge kaftan as well - it really isn't me. Luckily there is enough length to make something else.

    1. Ultimately guess it was the same... it really wan't 'me' and now this is more 'me'. Look forward to seeing what you do with yours. :)

  3. Oh yes, I love it worn like this Lisa and it's very 'you' now. Good save!

    1. Thank you so much Diane!! I've been going to it 'first' now when dressing, and before it wasn't even on the radar. :)

  4. That's a nice save! I have done that too with dresses or even turning tunics into shorter tops when I've changed my mind on the length. LOL


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