Mini capsule wardrobe item #4 | Burda 9/2018 #109 Jacket/Vest

A cut-on collar jacket/vest that couldn't be any easier to sew..... Burda 9/2018 #109 Jacket/Vest will be a great addition to the handmade wardrobe.
Meh... not thrilled with the way it looks closed but will probably appreciate this option on a cold day.
Feels much better loose.  You can see a little of the snaps in the photo below.  No pockets though.  My hands keep searching for pockets.  That is something that would be easy to add, but I'm calling these 'done'!
The last time few times you saw the vest/jacket it looked like this......
..... and this... all done just waiting for closures.  These are the snaps I used with the pattern only needing 2.  Also, I don't think I was supposed to sew the front facing seam all the way down to the hemline..... but I did because I did not want the insides flapping around.  There is no interfacing in this.  Super easy.
Kind of a boxy shape that is more boxier from my fluffy fleece being a little thicker fabric than the pattern's intent, but oh what a gloriously comfy, cuddly wear this is!!
Got my camera a little off screen, but think you can still see the overall fit of the back view.
Burda shows this jacket/vest in a soft pretty look that caught my eye from the September issue.
Burda 09/2018 #109 Jacket line drawing shows how I should have stopped the collar top-stitching at the neckline.  I made view A, size 36 with no modifications.
But what really gave me pause was piece #1.....
....the line drawing of course does not show seam allowances and by the time you add seam allowances the area of the collar dart/shoulder seam at the small #1 gets quite confusing......  at least to me....
.....particularly when the instructions have you 'clip allowances into corners, close to last stitches'..... only after 'stitch darts in fronts, not stitching across allowances at shoulder edges.'  I got stuck here for a bit.
Pondered a while, measuring, matching shoulder seam pieces finally decided to simply follow the instructions to 'stitch darts in fronts, not stitching across allowances at shoulder edges'.  So I stopped my dart stitching at the little 1 there in the corner.  Then clipped (look for the 'snip here' on my pattern) a vertical snip, through the seam allowance that was not stitched, 'close to the last stitches' on the dart.  Worked great!  Phew!!
Not much else to say about this cute little jacket/vest.  Think it will be a fun piece to wear...... when temps begin to cool down!!  Today's temps at the time of these photos were mid-80s F and climbing.  Hot and humid.  Surprisingly we were under a Tropical Storm Warning from Hurricane Michael coming up from the Gulf of Mexico.  So strange considering we live inland and in the mountains of South Carolina no less.  We are a very long distance from the Gulf of Mexico!  Shows how strong that storm was.  Most of it went around us but many in our surrounding area were without power, lots of flooding, downed trees and mudslides.
This completes an October Burda Challenge 2018......
..... and a Make a Garment a Month Challenge for October.  This is the 4th piece of my mini-capsule wardrobe AND the fabric has been marinating in the stash for a long time.
I'm deliberately trying not to photograph the mini-capsule wardrobe pieces together until all of them are complete, then I'll do a big wrap-up of everything.  In the meantime got a few more pieces to go...... like unpicking this lined elastic waist skirt that feels clunky to wear and re-making it using Burda 02/2017 #117.
Today's photos include the Itch to Stitch Hepburn TurtleneckOttobre Mini Skirtand Ottobre pants.

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Happy Sewing All!  :)


  1. Very cute vest and I look forward to seeing your mini-wardrobe all together.

  2. The vest looks great :) I like it much better than the Burda version :)

  3. That's cute! And looks so cuddly and warm to wear.

  4. I can assure you the cardigan/jacket looks good buttoned up - it probably just doesn't feel right after the freedom of summer clothes. Such a lovely little wardrobe you have created. It's fun watching it come together. I don't always understand instructions either and resort to playing around to get something to work. I think that is the problem with translating a how to do into a language form.

  5. I love your sewing a capsule wardrobe! I always thought vests without sleeves being odd garments- until I knitted one and experienced how cuddly they are. You will have great use of this fluffy little vest. I guess that burda‘s explications are puzzling in any language! German sewists would complain about them all the time. I guess that it‘s a technical terminology and a sort of most short expression. You just have to follow what they would say.😂

  6. It looks comfortable and lovely!! The colour suits you well. You always choose great fabric:)


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