Tripod Carrier

Enjoying nature photography and learning how to take self-timed photos of myself for this blog I found it awkward to carry my tripod on short excursions.  So I made myself a new tripod carrier.
You know, those times when it's a quick little walk or hike where you just want to throw the camera 'round your neck, grab the tripod and off you go.  Now I easily can. 
My tripod is a Manfrotto and because we like to take long trail hikes, my husband purchased a Manfrotto backpack for me that is well padded for the camera, lens, tripod, water bottles, snacks and the like.  Here he is, patiently waiting for me to take pictures, wearing the Manfrotto backpack hiking Devil's Fork State Park's Oconee Bell Trail in 2012.   (You can see the rare Oconee Bell flower, that only grows in our area, at that link too.)
But that is simply impractical for my usual photography needs.  I wanted something to sling over my shoulder with an opening for the tripod to slide in and out of quick 'n easy with a snug little pocket for my phone.  I think I've covered all the bases here.
Heavy weight natural canvas with flowery duck canvas along with cotton webbing for the straps with a little hardware for ruggedness makes this a perfect tripod carrier.  I reinforced all the fabric with stiff interfacing that is normally used for bags.  At first I was concerned it was too 'stiff', but seems 'just right'.  I wanted this bag to have body and shape. 
See how my tripod top peeks out the top.  That's what I wanted to make it easier to pull out and slip in.  The cotton webbing is in a casing here at the top that gives it a snug enough closure.
Like this below.  It's all pulled tight, and stays snug without being too difficult to get the tripod out.
The hardware gives it that no-so-homemade look and adds a rugged touch.  The bottom is a double layer of the heavy weight canvas stitched for reinforcement.  My car keys are on a little clip I plan on clipping to this D-ring when out and about.
Was worried my pocket would either be too snug for the iphone, or not snug enough.  Somehow it came out perfect and even with the carrier slung over my shoulders, which aims the pocket/iphone 'down', the phone is secure.
The camera will be 'round my neck on photography jaunts with the tripod carrier 'round my shoulder. 
Now I'm ready to go places and take pictures!
Wearing my first Alabama Chanin inspired long-sleeved tee with rtw jeans.


  1. I can tell you really put some thought into this tripod carrier. ( I probably would have had to make about three of them before getting it just right!) I know you say it's secure, but I'm still nervous (Nellie) about your phone sliding out of it's pocket when it's in an upside down position. No need to be?

    1. Just for extra security purposes, I may add a type of closure to the pocket, but the phone sort of slips 'down' into it. It's sort of strange in that the pocket is on the underneath, but when the carrier is slung over my shoulder, it sort of pulls the pocket more in an 'up' position. It'll probably take a little using to figure everything out! Thanks Mama Pea!


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