March 2015 Garment Sewing Plans | and a little project planning tip

St. Patrick's Day today and no green to wear, threads are a' flyin' in the sewing room as I whip up this little 3/4 length sleeve knit top using NEWLOOK 6246, a favorite pattern of mine for both the top and pants.
The knit fabric is a soft mint green with cream swirls, purchased at Hobby Lobby for @$7.00 total.
I've made this top before here, and love it!
Thought I'd show you the notecards I make for every project.  These are 4"x6" index cards and you can see it includes the garment start date, completion date, pattern number, a (rough!) little sketch of what I'm making and all project notes pertaining to the construction, along with a little snippet of fabric.  These are kept in their own separate file box and it's a joy to flip through them occasionally to see what I've made.  Not to mention they're pulled out and referred to when making that particular pattern again.
Now if only our weather will cooperate and give us truly Spring temps.  Today's forecast high is 82 degrees.  That's Summertime to me!

Happy Sewing Everyone!
UPDATE 3.19.2015:  You can read more about the completed top and its process here.  This project was a good example of how using different knit fabrics, sew up into different fitting garments even when using the same pattern.


  1. What a great idea on the notecards! Do you make these for just completed projects or for future project ideas as well?

    1. Hi Stars Threads! That is a terrific question! I begin a new card when I begin a new project. If you scroll back up to the very first picture, you can see the card I began for this project. At this point it notes the start date, pattern number, fabric cost and a little sketch. The project card is kept nearby as I work to note everything that is done..... size cut, seam allowances sewn, a new modification to the neckline, etc. I'll try to do a complete post on some of my project planning ideas as I also keep a master project planning sheet. Thanks!

  2. What pretty fabric you have found. And with a TNT pattern, you will have this made up in no time. Your weather has warmed up quickly - you'll need summer clothes soon! The card idea is great; I keep notes in my pattern envelope and then blog or pattern review all changes. Your system would be more accessible when sewing than logging onto the internet.

  3. Oh I love your card system, you are so organised! This fabric is so pretty and it's a steal at $7!

  4. The card system is great. I have a sewing notebook/journal into which I write the pattern number, description and date made and detail any changes. Then I glue a scrap of fabric on the page too. It's so useful to refer back to. I like your fabric and pattern choice.

  5. What a good idea. My post-I notes are always getting lost. That New Look pattern seems to get good reviews. Love your version, and the green looks good too. Regards, Trish.


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