'Quilt Angels' Project gearing up for 2014

You might remember the quilt I made last Christmas season that was for one of the residents at the Ogden House, a children's home in Guntersville, Alabama, through the Quilt Angels Project led by Gene Black - an Alabama Artist.  He's already letting folks know he will be doing the Project again for 2014 and you can read more about it:    2014 Quilt Angels Project - 'Christmas in July?'.    You can access all my links and information about the quilt I made last year here, including the note I sent along.
This was a project full of blessings all along the way and I am excited to be a part of the project again this year.  Gene is looking for volunteers to make the quilts..... mine measured @45" x 60" completed.  He needs both girl and boy themed quilts with finished quilts due around mid-December.  As in the years before, there will be sponsors and prizes to be won for the participants..... but the true joy is knowing a worthy girl or boy will be keeping warm under a quilt you made.

I'm thrilled to be getting an earlier start this year!!! 
2014 Quilt Angels Project - 'Christmas in July?'
A Special Quilts Note and all links to the making of the 2013 quilt


  1. I wondered what you had been busy doing. I agree, the real prize is in the true value of what you are doing.


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