Day 29 ~ Me-Made-May 2014

You guys are so sweet as I know you've gotta be tired of seeing the Kirsten Kimono Tee, but find myself wearing it again today with the dove gray NEWLOOK 6192 skirt.  To show my hardworking clothes, I took a shot loading my car with recyling and trash.  We live so far out in the country, there is no trash pickup, so we drive to a local Recycling Center (we call it 'the dump'!) where we take our trash, as well as our recycling materials.  We're big into recyling here.  As you already know, we even compost our kitchen scraps.  :)   Another hot, humid in the 90s kind of day.
Earlier this morning, after running a few errands, I stopped by my Dad's place to play with my camera.  Still feels odd calling it 'Dad's place'..... will always miss my mom.  Anyway, there is an old @100 year old barn on the property that I thought might make a cool backdrop.  Playing with the aperture here, per Yoshimi's FANTASTIC blog post!  Thank you Yoshimi!!!!

Haven't got the focused figured out yet, so please disregard the blurriness.  :)
The shot below was set at 0 and seems a little dark to me.
This shot below, is set at 1.3 and seems a little too much light.
 This one is at 1.2 and the lighting seems just right for this day.
After I arrived back home, couldn't resist taking a picture of one of our silly hens.  She likes to hang her head out of the coop wire to make sure she doesn't miss a thing!!
Just a few more days left in May....!


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