Quilt for Alabama

The last few days have been spent on a charity project that will be going to Alabama.
As you know, Alabama is my home state and though I may happily and contentedly live in South Carolina, Alabama will always remain in my heart.

Earlier this week I came across Gene Black ~ an Alabama Artist and Quilter's blog and while admiring some of his beautiful work noticed he spoke of sewing a label in one of his recent quilts where he'd printed his name, state and the words "Remember that you are loved".    After reading a little more, I realized he is leading a 'Quilt Angels' project, that was begun in 2011, and is asking for donations of quilts at least 45" x 60" that he will take to a children's home a week or so before Christmas.  This is a home for kids who need a safe place to live - maybe recently left an abusive home situation - not 'troubled' kids, per se.  He needs the quilts delivered to him by Dec. 12.  You can click here to read more about this project.

Soooooooooo, like I need another project on my plate, particularly so close to the holidays..... the browser was closed and logged off.  But as the day wore on, my thoughts kept returning to this project.  The next morning Gene was e-mailed that I was 'in', with the caveat that I've NEVER completed an 'official' quilt, particularly in the 45" x 60" size!  He kindly encouraged me to think about straight strip quilting and that I could do it. 

In short time my stash of quilting cottons was pulled out going with a 'blue and white' theme because that could be for either a girl or a boy.  But because I seem to not ever be able to journey down the 'easier' path, a diagonal strip quilt pattern was drawn out.  Figured it would add visual interest and I seem to always gravitate more to 'diagonals'. 

So here is where I am this afternoon... almost through with a 23 1/2" x 60" piece.  My idea is to sew random sized strips of random colors from the chosen fabrics and make 2 panels each @23 1/2" x 60" so when they are joined, it will look like a 'chevron' with all sorts of randomness.  :)
Something sort of like this, below, made through the collage feature of Picasa, gives a nice visual of my idea.
Thought if I started this project now, I'd be through in plenty of time to send by Dec. 12.  So, you quilters out there, please consider helping out with this most worthy project.  I think Gene also has some sponsors for those who participate.... something like that....

Meantime, it's a nice feeling thinking about the child who may receive this simple quilt that might brighten his or her day at Christmas. 

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