Alabama quilt in progress

Slowed down by some sort of stomach virus this past week, means I'm not as far along on the quilt for Alabama as I'd like to be.  This is for the Quilt Angels Project for a children's home in Alabama.  Halfway through I ran out of the light blue fabric.  Holding my breath as I made a quick run to Wal-Mart, the sun was shining on me that day as they STILL carry the exact same fabric!  I bought mine probably 10 years ago or so.  It was a happy day!  While I was there, picked up a twin size white flat sheet to be the back that cost $4.99 - couldn't buy fabric for that.  Already have Warm & Natural cotton batting on hand.  This will measure @45" x 60" when complete.
The top is done and now it needs to be 'sandwiched' and quilted.... and yes, the stripes are supposed to be random and a little wonky. 
My poor husband thought I'd misaligned the stripes when he saw this hanging in my sewing room and sought to comfort me.  He's a great guy!  I told him it's 'art' and 'supposed' to be wonky and random.  He said, then you definitely created wonky and random!

Garment sewing is on hold to get a little more done on this.  I'm chomping at the bit to get going on my plans!

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  1. Hi Lisa, I'm a new follower, and a new knitter. I love to sew garments, and have been trying to teach myself knitting! sigh. Beautiful blue stripey quilt above...

    1. Hi Mary! I enjoyed reading some of your blog this morning and you sew beautiful garments. Love your handsome horse! Thank you - and I'm following you too.

  2. Pity the poor males in our lives. They never know if we're being creatively artistic . . . or having a hard time getting something to come out right! ;o}

    Hope your tummy is feeling better. Hugs.

    1. Absolutely! Thank you for the 'get well wishes' and yes I am feeling much better.


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