a Halloween flashback

Halloween 1991 was a Halloween of 'firsts' for me.  My oldest daughter, Jennifer, had just turned '1', it was the first Halloween with a child to embrace Halloween parties, hayrides and trick-or-treat, and I made my first Halloween costume for my little girl.  She was a cute clown.
This was made from a pattern long ago discarded on a very inexpensive JCPenney brand machine.  The hat was made of yellow felt and the red 'hair' is red 'fur' sewn around the hat's brim. 
As the years have passed, with no more costumes to make or trick-or-treaters at hand, this time of year finds me enjoying the simple, natural beauty of fall.
Two posts in one day just may be a first for me!  After I published the first post, I realized today was Halloween.  At that point, I thought of this cute little clown's outfit I'd made so looong ago for my daughter, which then led to a morning of pouring over old photo albums packed away to find the photos I'd remembered.   

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