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Continuing with sewing new clothes for my closet, I finished a new outfit this week.  It's such a pretty day outside, I thought the front deck would be a perfect setting for my new spring look.
Am loving the NEWLOOK patterns.  This is NEWLOOK 6108 JUST4KNITS purchased at Wal-Mart for $2.97.  Look at the cute top variations.  (I chose view C for my top.)
Photo Credit:  Pattern Review.com
The soft, tiered 1" ruffled knit fabric was purchased at Hobby Lobby for a total of $12.36, which was enough to not only make this pretty top.....
...but also this cute scarf.  (Click here to read the scarf's tutorial post.)
I LOVE this fabric!  It's soft, comfortable, 'clings' in all the right places and wears great.  One warning though, right before I cut into it, I realized I had to plan ahead to match up the side seam 'ruffles' and be aware of where my neck and bottom 'ruffles' began and ended.  I was so STRESSED.  I set it up to be cut, then walked away and came back to make double (triple!) sure I'd thought of everything.
At first I was a little concerned the ruffles might be too much on me, so a white jacket is in-the-works.   Meantime, once I put the top on, I didn't have any problem with the ruffles at all.   I made view C in a size 8 and if you look carefully at the pattern below, it has a cowl neckline with one dart in each shoulder seam.  These get a little 'lost' in the ruffled fabric, but should show up well in a smooth knit.   I will most definitely make this top again, as well as maybe view B.   I chose to NOT line the front top half as the pattern called for, and like it the way I made it.
Photo credit:  PatternReview.com
A closer view of my cowl neckline....
and the 'lost' darts in the shoulder seams....
This is my new favorite skirt, with its comfortable elastic-in-a-casing waistband and flirty flare.  Even on the hanger you can see the slight flare.  It's an oh-so-easy to sew project.  I made a size 10 with no alterations on length or anything.   Now that I know my waist measurement, it should take about 1 hour to make the next time.  I will most definitely be making this skirt again too!  
 The fabric is a soft knit, also purchased at Hobby Lobby for a total of $11.35.
Let's total everything up now, to see how much is invested in this outfit.
  • PATTERN:  $ 2.97 (will use many times!)
  • TOP:          $12.36 (includes a 'free' scarf)
  • SKIRT:       $11.35
  • ELASTIC:  $ 2.00 (plenty leftover for another skirt or two)
  • TOTALS: $28.68
I am happy!
....and a sneak peak of what I'm currently working on..... and hope to share next week....
Hope the sun is shining your way today.  Have a terrific weekend!
P.S. Am also working on a post:  'How to add Fringe to the Trinity Stitch Prayer Shawl' to be published soon.
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  1. That is a great pattern and your top is really cute. I can see sewing that up in lots of colors for summer.

  2. Thank you Justine ~ and thank you so much for hosting this weekly linky party. There's just not a whole lot of places to link garment sewing, so I really appreciate that you offer this.


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