Slowly, but surely....

...... with the help of my husband, I am organizing my sewing room.  This past weekend Tom hung half of a 4'x8' sheet of (already) white pegboard for me.  Oh, what fun I had arranging and re-arranging my supplies.  I'm still not satisfied, but this is where I'm at right now.  He hung the tapestry (to the right) for me too.  All my growing-up-years this hung above my piano and I looked at it while I practiced.... or was supposed to be practicing :)   I love it here.  The light on my work table is from my great-grandmother.  Having precious things near makes me feel good.
Another shot, below, to get an idea of my work area taking shape.  Right now, it's working well to have the serger and sewing machine side-by-side as it opens up the table for more cutting room.  I've got a table-on-wheels that stores in my closet, so sometimes the serger goes there if I'm through with it for a while.  You can see a new ruffled knit top cut out and ready to sew.  It will go with the skirt hanging to the right.  I'll show more of those later when they're done.  Oh, can't forget my Ott light in the corner.  As I've gotten older, my eyes don't work as well as they used to and this light is perfect to supplement the lighting up-close-and-personal while I sew.   All the bulbs in the overhead ceiling fan are also Ott lights.  Yes, my two chairs are not slipcovered yet.  I'm having trouble deciding what fabric to use, but in the meantime, they still work great for sitting and working!
And what happened to the other half of the (already) white pegboard?  Tom hung it in the garage to hold a few things....
....this is my favorite!
I'll show more photos of my sewing room/workroom as it comes together a little more.  This is just a beginning.  I'm keeping a full-size bed in here as it still needs to be a spare bedroom..... and right now the bed makes a great "extra" table!

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  1. Love seeing the pictures of your sewing room! More, please. Really like the light, bright "cleanness" of the room with the white walls, door and window framing. I could move in and be very comfortable!

    1. Your quilt room is so incredibly organized, it is an inspiration to me to get a more organized work area. And it is 'slowly, but surely' as I am figuring out what I need and what works a little at a time. Thank you so much for your kind words Mama Pea!


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