Russian Tea Mix::Recipe

Mother and I would sip a hot cup of what she called 'Russian Tea' on cold winter afternoons...
...and even today what joy it brings to even smell the spices of this mix. 
Many recipes of others were tasted...
...but this original recipe of mine is what I remember enjoying all those years ago.

It's a spiced, instant tea mix using instant tea, instant lemonade mix, Tang,
sugar, cloves and cinnamon...
...and I've created a free .pdf of the gift card you see in the photo above...
...for Piecework Treasures readers...
...to access by clicking Russian Tea Mix Recipe Card.

I love giving this mix as gifts at Christmas,
as well as enjoying a cup with my daughter on cold, winter afternoons.
Note:  Tang can be found in most grocery stores where the instant lemonade drink mixes are found.

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