Walker Bag featured at Laura's Sewing Studio

I am most honored that Laura at Laura's Sewing Studio is featuring the Walker Bag I sewed using her design, on the home page of her website, as well as in her Hall of Fame

She included my story of the sweet elderly lady who has been so very grateful to receive this bag.  And there is a second postscript to this wonderful story, I received yet a second thank you from this sweet lady yesterday that closes with "...has made my illness and stay at home a lot better".  These Walker Bags are clearly needed and most appreciated by those who use a walker....

...and what began as a simple act of kindness to help a dear lady cope with a walker, has turned into such a blessing for me.  Thank you Laura...not only for your terrific design, pattern and instructions that you offer free-of-charge on your website, or that you genuinely care for those who are in need.... but also for support and encouragement you've given to me.

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  1. How nice for you to be recognized for this! And so appreciated by the recipient.


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