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Comfy | Simplicity 4192 top and NewLook6216 pants

Pretty dresses easily capture one's attention, but basics build the wardrobe, even if it happens to be in the need of a Comfy Outfit.
And I LOVE this new outfit!!  Sooooo comfortable with rayon spandex knit fabrics.  Top fabric from Hobby Lobby (no online link, sorry!) and pants fabric is the Kathy Davis 'Blue Dot' from Joann Fabrics.
You might remember the little top shown the other day made of a remnant from these pants.  LOVE this fabric!!
And this little top was made from a remnant from the Burda Yoga Top.  So save those remnants and check your patterns for simple tanks and sleeveless tops.  It's like getting a new top for 'free' or something.
Let's talk more about the top first, then the pants.  Thought I'd combine the 2 in today's post.
A quick Google search will show Simplicity 4192 is a pattern most folks pick up to sew the oh-so-cool pants, with very few focusing on the little tank top.  These type of tops are fantastic wardrobe builders..... a tank with some interest..... and are great to wear on their own, or layer.   I made View A per pattern, cutting a size 12, sewing 5/8" serged seams and modified the neckline to make it more tidy.  And gosh, after another quick search on Simplicity's site, this pattern is not to be found.  Is it OOP?!  Kinda' shocked as thought the pants were pretty popular.

I've not made the pants, but this pattern was used last year to make the coral top out of a stable cotton/spandex from WalMart.  This version was lengthened so I could wear it with my leggings
The neckline on the coral top turned out fine, because the fabric had some body to it.  I've worn this top many times and the neckline still stands up nice against the chest, like this below.
But this oh-so-soft and luxurious rayon spandex produced a floppy neckline.  Thinking I could simply press it out, my iron left shiny marks and it seemed to look worse.  This is when the top was deemed to be a comfy top because it looked too sloppy to wear outside the home.
You can see a little below of how it flopped and had a weird gape when being worn.
Even a close up to show the double-needle stitching I was so proud of, shows the wrinkling and floppiness far right.
Sitting juuuuust right, the neckline flopped back against my chest, but it still looked untidy for the photo of what I wore on Day 19 Me-Made-May 2018 and continued to bug me.
And now it's all fixed and I am ever so happy!!!!!!
Okay, let's look at the final construction on this cute top.  This is the modified neckline below.
And now side-by-side.  Big difference, no?!
Eventually figured the neckline just needed to be folded over onto itself and stitch a 3rd seam to hold it down.  So that's what I did and now it is absolutely perfect.  At first, I was afraid it'd make everything too low, but it doesn't.  I love this so much, am thinking the next version I make, will incorporate this feature during construction.  I biggified the not-so-great-focused photo so you could see the 3rd seam above the double-needle stitching at the neckline.
Also, the double needle stitching completely channeled at the armholes, and I am so okay with that.  We will call it a ridged design feature.  What's so funny is that after the first armhole channeled like this, I actually held my breath while stitching the second armhole hoping it would channel the same.  It did!  So happy and so proud of how the perfectionist syndrome is being overcome one garment at a time.  ;)
Inside out.
The armhole seams are simply turned back and stitched.  Easy.  I did not even serge them first and the double-needle bobbin clearly pulled the seam in to give it the 'channeling' effect.  This photo was taken after wearing it a few time so that's why it seems a little wrinkled.  ;)
Very proud of how I was able to catch the back edge with that 3rd seam at the neckline, as I was top-stitching.   Figured it was more important to get the seamline even at the front than the back....  though the back doesn't look too shabby.
On to the pants.  If you've read this blog for any period of time, you know how much I love the NewLook 6216 pattern for pants.  I've made so many versions of these pants, you only need to click on the label in the sidebar as there are too many to list.   I've made corduroy, linen, cotton, flannel..... but never a pair out of knit. 
Until now..... and gee whiz, why ever not?!  These are the best!!  This pattern is easy to sew up, looks pretty good for an elastic waist pair of pants, comfortable to wear and great pockets!!  *Heart* these pockets!!  This pair was shamefully copied from the cute pair Sarah Liz recently made as I ran out of fabric for the pockets and waistband so used pieces from the blue.  She also gave me the idea to make these out of knit.  Thank you Sarah Liz!!!
Below you can see what I'm talking about a little better.   Cut my regular size 8 sewing/serging a 3/8" seam.  So easy.  I can knock a pair of these out in an hour or so after cutting out.
Also I treated the waistband completely different this time.  Used a 1 1/2" piece of elastic, cut 27" with no overlap and serged on to the waistband.  There is no casing.  To do this, I had to attach the bottom of the waistband to the top of the pants first, serged elastic to the waistband's free edge, then turned in and top-stitched.  Before top-stitching, I was careful to turn all the inner waistband seams underneath the elastic and 'caught' all that in the top-stitching.  Makes for a super comfortable wear.  I will definitely do this technique again and these pants feel great with a wider elastic.
And because I was running out of the blue, I split the pocket bags and made the outer bag blue and the inner (unseen) bag white rayon spandex.  Needless to say there was n.o.t.h.i.n.g of the blue dots, nor the soft blue fabrics leftover.  Nice.
And that's it!  A new comfy outfit for summer.  Truth-be-known, I am one of those folks who actually do not wear comfy outfits around the house much..... except for Friday nights.  Friday nights are Family night where we make homemade pizza and get in our comfy clothes to watch a movie together.  As a family.  The best night of the week!  :)
This outfit closes out the 'blues' for now.
Happy Sewing All!  :)


Matchy-Matchy | Ottobre Design Woman 05/2016 no. 9 Classic Leggings

How could this lycra/spandex fabric be resisted when it held the colors of my shoes, top and favorite hoodie?!  And just like that, a new pair of leggings was made.
I've made the Ottobre Design Woman 05/2016 no. 9 Classic Leggings so many times now, it's nice to sort of sew on 'automatic'.  One pattern piece for both legs that wraps around with only one inner leg seam.   Sometimes I want to cut this pattern in two, for an outer as well as inner leg seam.... but so far I've not gone to the trouble.   You can see some of the others I've made here and here.  Btw, want to add, that right now I am not purchasing anymore Ottobre Design Woman pattern magazines.   Every.single.time I placed an order, either through her Etsy shop or through her Website, even using PayPal, for some reason my credit card company classified it as a fraudulent charge and froze my account.  It was one great big pain to unfreeze the card and I do not want to go through all that hassle again and I cannot purchase these magazines locally or even within my country, to my knowledge.  It's also interesting that a few folks on have also spoken of their credit card companies doing the same to them.  So I'm sewing from the older issues I have and enjoying these.
Anyway another lycra/spandex picked up at the local textile outlet warehouse All About Fabrics that is only open once a month.  These sort of knits make the best leggings with their 4-way stretch, luxurious feel and great recovery.
Of course sweet Suzi always coordinates well in her classic black.  :)
Happy Sewing All!   :)

Top:  Simplicity 4192

Hoodie:  Burda 01/2017 #103


Coral Tank Top | Simplicity 4192

As I make exercise a priority in my life, am finding a little more motivation to 'get moving' when there's something cute to wear.   This coral tank top, made from Simplicity 4192, checks all those boxes nicely for me. 
Most folks, myself included, might've picked up Simplicity 4192 for the awesome pants.  But look closely at the line drawing at the tank top, view A and you will see a simple, shaped tank with a little gathering detail center front and a wide neckband.  In my eyes I saw a tank top with style.  :)  

With this top more of a cropped top version, I wanted a nice long tank to go with my exercise pants (i.e. Ottobre leggings) and/or to be tucked in to a skirt for a layered look for summer, so I lengthened the front and back pattern pieces 4 3/4".  Why 4 3/4" you might ask?  Because that's all the fabric I had so that helped with that decision immensely.  :)  My measurements fall at a size 12 bust with a size 14 hips..... but as you saw from my last NewLook/Simplicity pattern make, I made a straight size 10 and it was a perfect fit.  So after dithering around for a bit, cut a size 12, sewed 5/8" seams and ended up ripping out the last 6" up from the bottom hem and regrading for a little more room there.  All seams were straight stitched on my sewing machine, then serged on my serger.
The lovely gathered center front was really what drew me to this pattern.  And the wide neckband.  Not having coral matching thread, the neckband was double-needle stitched down with a gold rayon metallic thread.  Some of my other metallic threads tend to break, but this one does not and has more of a matte sheen than a shiny sheen.  I thought the gold looks nice against the coral in a subtle way.
Big tip here!!!!  Before attaching the neckband to the top be sure to zigzag the raw edges closed.  The pattern instructions do not have you do this step and it really should as it keeps the knit neckband edges from slipping and slidding as you pin then stretch as you sew.  I do this with my quilt binding before attaching to my quilts and it certainly came in handy here.  Made this step oh-so-easy and not frustrating at all.  The only thing I did not do, that I will be sure to do next time, is also pull and stretch the neckband when sewing over the gathered center front.  My neckband has a little bit of slack in that area and I think that would help. 
The instructions have you simply turn under a 3/8" hem on the armhole edges.  Believe it or not, this was a first for me so I sort of had to think about that before finishing the armholes this way.  I was afraid it might give the top more of a 'homemade' look but in the end plunged forward using the double-needle with the metallic gold thread and sewing ever so slowly so as to not stretch out my cotton/spandex knit, stitched a perfect seam on both armhole edges.  I had only purchased 1 yard of this cotton/spandex 60" wide fabric with 4-way stretch from my local WalMart back in 2015 and after washing/drying it had shrunk to less than 1 yard, so there was no pieces left large enough to make self-fabric binding.  Am glad this armhole finish technique worked out well.
The back.  For now I've left a raw edge hem a la Alabama Chanin.  But am thinking I may go back and double-needle stitch a 1" hem in the gold metallic thread to tie everything together.
And these Brooks Ravenna 7 shoes, below, are what has triggered all the lovely springtime pastel makes this season!  Love these shoes! 
Thought I'd leave you with a shot of my front-door view this morning.  After a heckuva storm that passed through the middle of the night, with a tornado warning that put us all in the basement for a bit, we awoke to a beautiful morning with bits of green popping out everywhere.
Not sure this top, nor the leggings, qualify as official 'athleticwear', but all I can say is that it is really nice to have pretty colorful garments to wear with cute, comfortable, well-fitting shoes when exercising or working out.  There will definitely be more made.
Happy Sewing Everyone!  :)