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Polka Dots Tunic Top | NewLook 6374

With polka dots always on trend and navy/white a classic combination....  why in the world it's taken me so long to embrace navy and polka dots I have no idea.   
Am so glad I picked up this 1/12 yards of rayon challis at Hobby Lobby recently.
Funny because I've always thought navy blue was not a good color for me.  Nor polka dots.  Why, I really do not know.
This was one of those times when I saw this fabric, I knew immediately what it would become....  NewLook Pattern 6374 tunic top.  I've made this pattern twice before you can see here and here.... so there wasn't any fitting issues to worry about.  Cut a size 10 with 5/8" seams and modified the length just like the others.  See how long the back hangs down on the model below?  Not wanting that much length..... using the length of view C I simply moved my pattern pieces up (both front and back pieces) and cut the rounded hem from that point.
And this is a perfect length for me.  Interfaced the neckline and placket on this version and really like the way everything holds its shape.  Also, again, sewed the placket closed @4 1/2" up as it is way, way too low otherwise.
This rayon challis drapes nicely.  A little stiffer than the earlier floral challis, but that's okay as I really like the overall look.  Love the rounded hem on this top.
Well guess my hair covers the back yoke with a center pleat..... but it's there.
Hemmed with a 1/4" rolled hem but this time hemmed the sleeves with a 1" hem and like this 3/4 sleeve look.  None of the tops' sleeves have been finished as per pattern instructions because I really like the way the sleeves are a little flared hanging loosely down with no restriction.
Hard to see, but there are front yokes with gathered seams at the front.
And wearing those hardworking Ottobre white pants..... again!  Gosh these things go with everything!!  Note to self..... gotta' make more white pants.  :)
Happy Sewing Everyone!  :)


New Look 6374 in Floral Rayon Challis

Here in the U.S., our first day of Fall was last week..... so of course a Summer top has been completed this week made to be worn with my white twill pants and a pair of blue Sperry shoes.  Or sandals.  *sigh*  Someday I'll coordinate my sewing with the seasons better, but for now I'm just thrilled it's done.  And I love it!
A colorful rayon challis fabric from either Hancock's or Joann's had been in the stash for a while calling my name to be a lightweight, long-sleeve summer top.  Love the fluid feel of the rayon against the skin and it's a perfect fabric choice for this sort of drapey top. 
Even in the mountains, South Carolina's summer temps are usually in the 90 degrees F range, but when I go in air-conditioned buildings, I freeze.  So this top will be perfect for those days I'm in and out of buildings.
Back in August, our Make a Garment a Month Challenge was to choose 3 patterns from our stash and randomly pick one to sew.
These were my selections, below.  In the end, I deliberately chose New Look 6374 specifically to pair with my fabric choice to wear with my white pants that I love.  I made a modified version of View A.
Mandarin collar with front placket are the two main design features that drew me to this pattern. 
Warning, this pattern runs big and long!  I cut a size 10 even though my usual New Look Pattern size is 12.  I'd made this pattern before for my daughter, so was already familiar with the fit.  You can read about hers here. Sarah Liz made a version here, and SunnyGal Studio's version is here.
View A is a long, long, long tunic.  Mine is shortened to about the View C length, with View A's lovely scalloped hem.
The back hem is ever so slightly longer than the front and I really like the length on mine.  If you scroll back up and check the model's version on the pattern, the back hem of her top hangs way down below her bottom.  That is not practical for me.
Seams are serged but sewed french seams in the sleeves just because.  At first I wanted to do a bracelet sort of band/finish for the sleeves, but in the end simply turned under 1/4" and hemmed.  If I make this again, I may narrow the sleeves at the wrist a little.  I did not want the buttoned up sleeve 'look'.
Also the placket is long, long, long.  I sewed my mine closed about halfway up and can lean over with no worries.  That might be another thing I change if I make this again, is to simply shorten the placket.  This placket went in nice and smooth and even..... the first time!  Yes!  Also, again, I did not interface anything as I wanted a soft collar and placket.
And slowly but surely our woods are changing colors and transitioning to the lovely Autumnal tones even though our temps are stubbornly staying close to 90 degrees F.  We are 10 degrees F above normal in temps and 5" below normal in rainfall.  Our poor area is drought-stricken and I've almost forgotten what a rainy day looks like.
Fall is my favorite time of year!
So this is 'it' for Summer sewing.  Already got a couple of Fall/Winter tops in process.  Hmmm, wonder if this top would look less summer-ish with a pair of black pants?
Happy Sewing Everyone!  :)


a new owl top for my daughter | NEWLOOK pattern 6374

The rain stopped (yay!), with sunshine and blue skies emerging, it was determined a great time to take photos of Melissa in her new owl shirt.  Buster the Cat wanted to be a part.   She never asks me to make her anything, other than pajama pants, so this shirt was a surprise for her fall birthday.
This is NEWLOOK 6374, in spite of what the envelope below says.   I made view A, modified.  I cut a size 10 and shortened to a top with the same curvy hem as the tunic.  Deleted the hi/low hemline.  It is still a longish top, but perfect with her jeggings she likes to wear.  3/8" seam allowances, with 5/8" armscythe and sleeve seam allowances.  She wanted simple sleeves, so simply turned sleeve hem up 1/4" and another 1/4" and straight stitched.  Let's look a little more at the shirt made of rayon challis..... perfect material for this type of top, giving it lots of flow and drape.
The shirt was not quite done by her birthday and am glad I showed her where I was at with it, as she was able to tell me how she wanted it finished.  Below you can see the simple sleeve she wanted.  She did not want the roll up sleeve with button closure, so this part was really easy.  There may have been a squeal heard when she saw the owl print.  :)
The back with all her hair covering the cool yoke.  *sigh*  Can't think of everything when taking photographs.  Anyway, lots of time was taken getting all the little owls lined up just right on the back yoke.  There's a pleat somewhere in there too.  Here you can also see how long the top still is.
Lots of time was taken with owl placement on the two front yokes too.  One was cut upside down and had to be redone.  Hard to see any of that now with the shirt being worn.  I wanted this to mimic a rtw top she has, so did not interface the placket or neckline facing as I wanted them soft and moveable. 
 The placket gave me the most struggles.  After taking this picture, I ripped out the puckered seam and did not follow the given instructions.....
....instead sandwiching the placket with that little piece tucked inside.
It turned out well.  This is a loooooong placket and is sewn shut a few inches from its bottom for no gaps.  It would look nice to make this shirt with a much shorter placket next time.  No buttons.  It's meant to be 'open'.
 Another shot of the sleeves and hem.
 Buster insisted on his own personal photo shoot.
The rayon challis was purchased from Hancock Fabrics for $6.50 yard.  Used 2 yards, so this shirt cost $13.  Oh but it is priceless to me, as not only does this cute top fit my daughter..... but she loves it!  And she wears it!!!!!  Even better.  :)

This was my last make for 2015.  I'd like to pull together a 2015 in review post, as well as post a few 2016 goals, soon.

Meanwhile, Happy New Year!


Dad, Peppers and Owls

Blogging has been part of my life now for many years, and it is most unusual for me to go a week without writing, much less over a month.  But this month has been a most unusual month.

My 85 year old father passed away quietly in his sleep on Sept. 13, 2015.  The photo below is Father's Day 2014 and represents him well with his dapper bow tie and baby blue eyes.  His passing put in motion a flurry of activity as my brother and his wife drove up from Florida to help plan the funeral and spend a week here handling numerous items associated with the passing of one's last living parent.  My mother went to her heavenly home October 2012.  So, so many things need to be done.
To add to the misery, if you will..... earlier in September I was stung by a yellow jacket and had a severe allergic reaction that lasted several days.  As I recovered from that malaise, I thought I was oh-so-clever to harvest this beautiful bounty from our garden and spent an entire afternoon cutting and chopping the peppers.  This picture, below, does not do the harvest justice as there were so, so many green peppers and a huge bucketful of sweet banana peppers.  Where am I going with all this?  Well, we all know..... or should know..... that when cutting jalapeno peppers one should be careful and wear gloves to protect the skin from a pepper burn.  BUT one should also be aware that sweet banana peppers can burn one's hands in the same manner.  I learned this the very hard way.  Within an hour of chopping the final banana pepper from the bucket, my hand started to burn.  The hand that handled stripping the seeds and membranes out of the pepper.  It was horrible...... a burn like I've never experienced.  The only relief I could find was gripping a bag of ice.... for hours on end....awful.  At 2 a.m. in the morning I stumbled onto this website explaining yellow mustard would give pepper burn relief.  (As a side note, reading in her comment section, other people had this type of reaction from sweet banana peppers too.)  Immediately after glopping a gracious plenty of yellow mustard all over my hand, I found relief from the intensity.  After a few more applications, and another hour or two later, I could finally go to bed and get some sort of sleep.  The burning stayed in my hand until mid-day the next day.  It was truly awful.  That next day was the day my dad passed away.  Since mid-September it's been hard to find any sort of 'normal' footing.
Things are beginning to slow down, a little, though Melissa certainly did not need to share her cold with all of us...... and I am turning back to sewing.  I'd started this cute top for Melissa 6 weeks ago and am trying to finish it for her.  She usually doesn't let me make anything for her, other than pj pants.... but this cute owl rayon challis fabric seemed so 'her'.  I'm copying a rtw shirt she loves that her bookbag is destroying, to give her more options in her wardrobe.  As a college senior at a university that has an expansive campus (i.e. lots, and lots of walking) that bookbag seems to get heavier and heavier and takes such a toll on her clothes.  I'm using NEWLOOK 6374.  Seems the exterior pattern jacket lists the pattern as S0803 which is strange, as all the pattern pieces note NEWLOOK 6374.
Here's where I'm at after modifying the pattern significantly to mimic the rtw shirt.  I'm stuck on the placket.  After I took this photo, below, I ripped out the seam, re-crisscrossed the placket and will see if that works better and doesn't pucker.  I am determined to master the placket insertion because I really like this look too and want to make more shirts this way.
My handmade wardrobe is far from complete and I certainly found that out recently as there were no appropriate handmade items to wear for the funeral and a few other occasions.  But it's a curious thing about having handmade items in one's wardrobe..... on some of the more stressful days, when I could, I'd wear one of my favorite handmade items, and felt such comfort. 

I hope to catch up on everyone's blogs soon.