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Mini capsule wardrobe item #2 | NewLook 6164 Skirt

How I did not know I needed a gray knit skirt in my wardrobe before is beyond me, as this little gem is easy to wear and goes with so much.
NewLook Pattern 6164 has been around for ages and looks like is now out of print.  For those who've been reading blogs for a while might remember Shannon, who used to blog at MushyWear Sewing Blog, who clearly felt this was a favorite by making up all the components of this pattern at one time or another.  That's why I purchased it so long ago, maybe early 2013?, having only made the cardigan back then way too big and not in a great choice of fabric print.  To be honest I'm not sure it's still in the closet today.  But this post isn't about the cardigan, but the skirt.  This is an elastic waist, 'for knits only' pencil skirt with a back vent.  My body shape does not wear pencil skirts well, so I modified the pattern by flaring out the sides a little and shortening it considerably.  Cut a size 12.
What drew me to the pattern was how the elastic waist seemed to lay nice and flat without any gathers in all the line drawings.  My waist is small compared to my hips, so mine seems to gather a bit in the waist area.  It doesn't really bother me as this skirt will always be worn with a belt or something like a cardi over the elastic waist.  I'm wearing the Ottobre Sculpture top with it today sans cardi to show you the details and fit.
So afraid I might look 'dowdy'..... I might've shortened the skirt a little too much?  Oops!  If I make it again it will probably be lengthened an inch or two.
The gray pontiroma from WalMart was in the stash, also from long ago, probably cost @$6.00.
A super quick afternoon make! 
Cannot seem to find the time to post the mini-capsule 'plans'.... but this completes item #2.
Already in strong rotation wearing it with Item #1 the McCall's M5890 top and a rtw cardi......
.....and the Simplicity 2188 Top.  After taking this photo the other day, I realized I'd neglected to iron it well.... thus the odd vertical lines.  That's all taken care of now...
..... and this is how it's worn today.  Thrifted rtw cardi and Ottobre top.  I've always like this little top and it's always looked better tucked in, than out.... so was thrilled to see I could enjoy wearing it again.  All because I needed a simple gray little skirt in the wardrobe.... just didn't realize it!
Coming up soon will be item #3 for the mini-capsule wardrobe, Burda 9.2018 #109 Jacket out of the comfiest furry fleece.  It's all done, just needs buttons/snaps.
Happy Sewing All!  :)


Day 15 / Me-Made-May 2015 / Friday's Theme = Something Old

Me-Made-May's participants vote on what they want as Friday's themes, and this particular Friday was deemed 'something old'.  I feel like my verbena today......
....wearing my 'old', made in early 2013, very bright pink newlook 6108 top, with the also made in early 2013 newlook 6164 swing cardi.  The skirt was made mid-2013 and is my hardworking, much loved newlook 6192.  I've only been sewing garments for myself since February 2013 and feel like my 'style' has exponentially evolved from where I was back then.  I would not chose this cardi pattern for me today, as I look better (and feel better) in the unstructured cardi recently made from Yoshiko Tsukiori's book Happy Homemade Sewing Chic.  Colors..... oh my.... this pink is just so 'pink'.  The fabric itself is very soft, drapey and comfortable.... but the bright pink is so not 'me' as well as the ruffles.  I am not a ruffly person.  :)
And this pretty hen wanted in on the photography session enough to fly over the fence and walk up to join me.  She's back safely in her higher fenced-in coop area/yard.
Hope everyone is having a good day, wherever you may be!


Day 14 ~ Me-Made-May 2014

Spent the morning in our nearby bigger city of Greenville, South Carolina (again!) and found myself reaching for the NEWLOOK 6108 ecru sleeveless draped neck top (again!) and my khaki Simplicity 7131 (oop) pants.  What I'm finding is that I am constantly wanting to wear this little top, and I'm not sure I really even liked it when I made it!  With our weather already at the 'hot' phase, this top has an interestiing neckline appeal when worn by itself or under a cardi or jacket.
Because I am trying to be oh-so-truthful here, in the photo below is actually how I looked as I walked out the door early this morning.  Yuck!  And to think I wore this cardi with this pretty monotone outfit all...morning...long.  Gee Whiz! 

These daily photos have shown me how other's 'see' me... and when I just now uploaded this photo after returning home, it has been decided this cardigan will never be paired with this outfit again!  The cardigan is NEWLOOK 6164,  one of the very first things I made when I began to sew for myself last year.
Oh, and while in 'the bigger city', I picked up the current Vogue Patterns magazine and Yoshiko Tsukiori's "Stylish Dress Book" and her "Happy Homemade Sew Chic".  I've been thinking about these two books for a while and they just had to come home with me from Barnes & Noble.  I'm thinking my pattern stash is looking pretty good right now.  :)
So May is almost halfway through and I'm almost at a repeat phase of my me-made garments.  I'm actually (pleasantly) surprised that I've enough me-mades to wear thus far!


a new swing cardigan

It's done and ready to wear.  I love it!
This swing cardigan is from NEWLOOK 6164 pattern, view A.  This pattern notes it is *JUST4KNITS and what a great, stretchy, soft knit I had in my stash to use.  Even though I matched my measurements to theirs, taking into consideration my serged seams would be 1/4", not their 5/8" seam allowance, I chose size 12....  (I usually wear a size 6 off-the-rack).... and feel this is a little large and I should make size 10 next time.
The roll-back collar gives it a nice finish.  I couldn't believe the 'striping' matched up 'between' the collar!!! That was a bonus!
A full view look.... can't you almost feel the movement of the fabric through the photo.  I modified the pattern instructions to make it a simpler process for me by NOT easing the sleeves in after sewing the side seams.   This meant I could sew one continuous seam from bottom of top to end of sleeve.
Did not realize my fabric not only had a pattern, but STRIPES that needed matching until I began the 'thinking process' before cutting anything out.   Oh, I sweated, and procrastinated, then sweated and procrastinated a little more before forcing myself to make the first cut.  This is a side seam view and I'm VERY happy.  :)
So you can get an idea of how it 'wears'.  I've got on a short-sleeved top underneath, as this will be worn with some sort of sleeveless something that I'll be making soon.  The front is just a little shorter than the back.... that's exactly what I wanted.  It has a little 'swing' to it and the fabric is so comfortable.  If you look carefully at the shoulder seam and under the arm area, you can see that's where it needs to be a little smaller to 'fit' a little better. 
Pattern:     $2.97 from Wal-Mart
Fabric:      $0  from stash
Notions:   none needed, thread from stash
Time:        2-3 hours
TOTAL COST:   $2.97

Overall, I am very pleased with this piece and will definitely make it again.  

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