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a new Poncho | McCall's 6209

I love my new Poncho!
This was part of my November 2013 plans for the Make a Garment a Month Challenge and I just finished it today.
Thank you to my husband for taking these photos as we hiked a back trail to a little hidden meadow on our property.  The poncho was perfect for our chilly mid-40'sF, South Carolina, Sunday afternoon.  LOVE the pockets!!!!!
Years, and years ago, I had a poncho I loved and decided I wanted to create one for the casual lifestyle I live today.  First I drew my plans on a piece of graph paper.  This has been a great tool as I've referred back to this simple drawing time and again to keep me on track of my 'vision'.  Also, note that the fabric came from Wal-Mart and cost $4.30 and was a gracious plenty wide at 58".  This was the perfect width for my poncho, as I used every-single-bit, including the selvages - these turned out to be the icing on the cake!
McCall's M6209 pattern was used for the 'base' poncho, cut a small, view B with no scarf attachment and decided in the end not to include a hood.  My fabric is so weighty, I was afraid a hood would not work well..... and I wasn't sure I really needed a hood anyway.
McCall's M6209
This pattern is noted as a '1 Hour' pattern, and if you made the poncho 'as is', it would probably take you around 1 hour.  I added a few little details, so it took me longer - obviously!

In the photo below, you can see the 'fringe' effect the selvage edges gave me.   I was careful to lay my pattern pieces straight over the selvages to include this beautiful 'fringe'.  
Then, with the smidgen of selvage I had left, carefully measured, and measured again, before cutting to use as binding for the neckline.
In the photo below, the back was very voluminous, so I took it in a little.  Still learning the vocabulary and not sure what to call what I did.... pleat?  It gave the poncho a little more dimension/definition in the middle back, as you can see by the way it is hanging on the hanger here.
Pleat?  (Help anyone?!)
My new poncho HAD to have pockets.  If one wants to hike in the woods, one needs pockets - and these are perfect.  These are self-drafted from a photo found on Pinterest via Carolyn.  Liked the idea of a cocked angle placement, which made for an even more comfortable fit for my hands.....
.....and lined them with a piece of flannel for more coziness.  I really think the pockets and the fringe 'make' this poncho.
I made the pants too.
As I'm in such need for daily basics, and because I'd just made a khaki elastic-waist pair of pants for the MAGAM new complete outfit, I made a chocolate brown pair of pants from the same OOP Simplicity 7131 pattern as I knew they'd fit.   These were also out of Wal-Mart fabric in a lightweight-twillish fabric that cost $1.00 per yard.  One of the thing I like about these pants, is that they sit at your natural waist. 
I truly cannot express the feeling of wearing one's own handmade clothes, that was created with a 'vision' and seen through to completion, to feel confident to wear in public..... that is one's identity.

UPDATE 4.18.2014 ~ I've added a big button to the pocket....
....and knitted an accompanying scarf... my poncho's perfect!

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Garment Plans for November 2013

New to the garment-sewing-world, I recently came across some ladies' beautiful computer-generated images of their sewing plans for a SWAP.  Confused, I couldn't understand why they would want to make a garment to 'swap' with someone else's garment, until somewhere down the line it was spelled out for me as 'SWAP - Sewing With A Plan'!  Oh, 'now that makes sense' was my first thought, then 'wow, what a great idea - sew with a plan' was the next!  This inspired me to draw a collage of 'My Daily Life' thoughts in pencil, photo below.  This little collage of thoughts-on-paper has helped me focus in on what my clothing needs might be.....
....because this week time has been set aside to ponder..... to consciously think about my lifestyle..... the type of clothes  I need for the lifestyle I live.... the clothes I enjoy wearing..... the fabrics..... colors....

Living a rural, country life where most days are spent in enjoyable time tending the garden, cooking from scratch, taking care of my family and running the odd errand or two, I have become tired of the 'jeans-every-single-day' that seems to have become my unofficial 'uniform' and want to look nice and presentable but still wear clothes that will meet the practical needs of my daily living.  We also enjoy attending plays and concerts and 'city life' at our nearby large city, but right now it's my 'daily' needs I'm thinking of.

Being a part of the Make a Garment a Month Challenge and having made a personal pledge to only sew complete outfits I have come up with a plan for the month of November 2013.
Straight legged pants with a side zip will be sewn from Simplicity 7131, view D, in a chocolate brown twillish fabric that has a little stretch and a top from light/medium weight rustish colored knit from NEWLOOK 6735, view B.  The knit has brownish marks through it that will pair well with the chocolate brown.  This will be my first pair of fitted pants.  Until now, my pant-making experience has been limited to pajamas with elastic waists and shorts with elastic waists for my girls when they were little.  :)
A poncho is also in the plans and was cut out the other day from McCalls 6209, view B, no scarf and will add hood from view D.  This fabric is a dark olive green nubby woven that I'm hoping will make a great poncho for our South Carolina (usually!) mild winter.  I want something fun to simply throw on to go for a walk in the woods or run to town.  This was inspired by remembering a poncho I had years and years ago and how much fun it was to wear.  I drew my sketch before the pattern was purchased based on my previous poncho.  Will probably try to add pockets.
These are my plans for November and I am ready to begin!

UPDATE:  You can see the completed garments here
 and here.