Me-Made-May 2017 | Musings

If it's been a little quiet at the blog this past month, it certainly hasn't been on IG as Me-Made-May 2017 was in full swing.  My 4th year participating, but my first year disciplining myself to take a photo every single day.  And I did it!  Below is a collage of the daily photos in chronological order.
Once I sort of got in the swing of taking/editing daily photos, it really wasn't that big of a deal.  My daughter helped a couple of days and we had fun at Hagood Mill, below left, and Lake Jocassee, below right, together.  The 'need' for photography provided a moment for making memories together.  
My husband helped too.   The photo below right was taken at a city park we'd never had a chance to explore before, but because I 'needed' a photo for this day and had not had a chance to take one, he suggested we stop to explore this pretty spot and he'd take the photo for me.  Another 'making memories' moment.  What I am finding is that instead of the photography being a 'burden' it is a 'blessing' and has enriched my life in these types of moments.
To better my photography skills, which was part of my Me-Made-May 2017 goals, my nose was buried in my photo software editing program's manual (Adobe Photoshop Elements 14) and I spent an inordinate amount of time watching YouTube tutorials.  My first 'blur the background, but not the subject matter' success, below.  Left is 'before'.... right is 'after'
Then I learned how to remove unwanted objects.  Below, the unsightly stump caught in the photo behind my hand, was removed.   Left is 'before'.....right is 'after.  There's still much room for improvement, but at least it's a beginning.  :0
As far as my handmade outfits..... this past month we experienced wide temperature swings, so I was able to use a variety of pieces from my handmade wardrobe.  The biggest accomplishment has to be there was not many repeats!  Yay!!  If anything, it was the Ottobre white pants simply because they go with everything.
Wanting my photos to sort of tell a little of the story of my day, it was fun to incorporate props and be creative in setting up the camera/tripod.  If you want to see each single photo, either click on the #MMMay17 image in the sidebar near the bottom or the Instagram link.  All outfit info and snippets of my daily 'life' is all on Instagram.  With Instagram you can view information without having an account, you just cannot 'like' or 'comment'. 
Interesting that after writing this post I realize how much this past month centered around bettering my photography skills!  Have to say it is nice during the month of May, to sort of release oneself to center on a specific goal, and that is what I chose to do.

So, so pleased that my handmade wardrobe has (finally!) grown to have more choices.  Also realized that what I really want to gravitate to, is some of my more recent sportswear and athletic wear items.  And the white pants!  Need more white pants!!  Also need to make cardis as most of what I own are rtw.

Thank you again Zoe for hosting this awesome annual event!  Already looking forward to next year!  :)

And so very grateful for the social media outlets that connects us to each other.  This was such a fun month interacting with such sweet ladies from all over the world and all because we like to sew our own clothes.   Jean was so right when she said 'sewing would be a lonely hobby without social media'.  I am so very grateful to be a part of our supportive, always encouraging, international sewing community.

Happy Sewing Everyone!  :)


  1. You have done well- but I think it helps if you enjoy photography and have the time for it. Lots of lovely photos here, you really do seem to get a lot out of this medium.

  2. You have had an awesome month Lisa. Your photography skills are very impressive. Mine are limited to simple cropping. I have so enjoyed following you this month and it's so great to be a part of the international sewing community.

  3. You were a warrior to accomplish what you did this month, Lisa. My husband hates taking my picture and conversely, I usually hate the pictures he takes! So it's time for a better camera and a tripod.

  4. You have a lovely handmade wardrobe. I enjoyed seeing your daily photos on instagram. And now I'm wondering if I need white pants and/or shorts.


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