Gray Ribbed Corduroy Pants | NewLook 6216

These pants were cut out on a Wednesday night right before heading to bed, completely finished by 2:00 p.m. the next day and being worn out the door to attend a casual function at 2:30 p.m.  That's pretty quick for me!
NewLook Pattern 6216 is an elastic waist straight leg pattern I've made twice before, here and here.  I've always eliminated the cording in the casing.  Love these pockets!
When those earlier versions were made, the size 10's seam allowance was the width of the serging. This time I wanted to see what a true size 10 with a 5/8" seam allowance looked like and am quite pleased with these.  I like the more straight leg appeal here.
Warning... this pattern runs big!!!  If I followed the pattern's sizing suggestion, I'd be making a 14! No Way!
I'm a huge fan of elastic-waist pants because my weight tends to fluctuate back and forth a pesky five pounds.... just enough to affect the fit of fitted garments.... and these types of pants are simply more comfortable for daily wear.  But..... I do not want to 'look' like I'm wearing elastic-waist pants and believe the way to sort of get around that, is to size back to where the elastic waist barely makes it over your hips as you are putting the pants on, then that way there's not a lot of extra fabric gathered in the elastic waist.  If that makes sense?!
Wearing a rtw shirt and vest here and tucked the shirt in and added a belt to show you how the front rides a little high.  This is actually a little higher than my natural waist but though it was important to show you the entire pant.  Feeling a little frumpy here.
Ahhh, that's better.  The high front waist is a little bit of a bother, but one that's manageable. 
The back rides a little low on me, and next time may do a full butt adjustment.  Bwhahahaha!  Sorry!!  Everytime I say or write that it makes me laugh..... even though it's so true!!!
As I was setting up the camera on our deck this morning for this post, our woodland creatures were oh so active.  You'd be amazed at how much noise squirrels and chipmunks make in the leaves on the forest floor.  So much to my complete amazement... a buck and doe came through as if no human were around!  And oh what noise they made!!!  Thinking I'd missed my chance at a shot, but kept my camera in hand, a few minutes later the most clattering of leaves was heard as this adolescent deer came happily bounding by trying to catch up with mom and dad and sweetly posed for ever a slight second at the top of one of our trails for me.  *insert big smile here*
It's been a very nice morning!
Happy Sewing Everyone!  :)


  1. I really like these trousers, and agree about the elastic waist. I've also found that just putting elastic at the back gives a neater looking front. I am besotted by your wild visitors!

  2. Ohh, love your pants. Looks so easy and lovely to wear. I put this pattern in my working list and I will try to put elastic in the back, thanks for the tip :)
    Beautiful pictures as always. Have a lovely day! <3

  3. Your pants are lovely and I didn't see any frumpy photos. I love the vest, too. RTW you said? What a pity. You live in such a beautiful corner of the world. Fancy seeing deer running across your property!!

  4. Elastic waist pants are just the best - and these look lovely. I always make the waist just big enough to go over my hips, with elastic waist pants. You've certainly had some mileage out of this pattern, and I think I might make a corduroy version as well, in our winter. I do love the wildlife you have in your part of the world, very beautiful.

  5. Awesome. Really make me miss wearing soft corduroy pants and jackets...

  6. Oh, I thought I'd commented here already, my comment must have disappeared! :( however I love your trousers, so warm and comfy looking. I just adore the picture of the deer too, how very exciting! I feel just the same way when I get kangaroos hopping by me in the bush, and I hardly ever get to my camera in time for a picture!

  7. I love how you have styled this outfit. And the backdrop is lovely too!

  8. I love the cord pants. This is one of my favourite pants patterns too, largely because of the pockets, though the sizing is overlarge. Like you I minimise the waist measurement and drag them over my hips, though if they become too tight there, I know I've got problems ;-) I love your woodland visitors, how wonderful! Best wishes TS


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