New Look 6374 in Floral Rayon Challis

Here in the U.S., our first day of Fall was last week..... so of course a Summer top has been completed this week made to be worn with my white twill pants and a pair of blue Sperry shoes.  Or sandals.  *sigh*  Someday I'll coordinate my sewing with the seasons better, but for now I'm just thrilled it's done.  And I love it!
A colorful rayon challis fabric from either Hancock's or Joann's had been in the stash for a while calling my name to be a lightweight, long-sleeve summer top.  Love the fluid feel of the rayon against the skin and it's a perfect fabric choice for this sort of drapey top. 
Even in the mountains, South Carolina's summer temps are usually in the 90 degrees F range, but when I go in air-conditioned buildings, I freeze.  So this top will be perfect for those days I'm in and out of buildings.
Back in August, our Make a Garment a Month Challenge was to choose 3 patterns from our stash and randomly pick one to sew.
These were my selections, below.  In the end, I deliberately chose New Look 6374 specifically to pair with my fabric choice to wear with my white pants that I love.  I made a modified version of View A.
Mandarin collar with front placket are the two main design features that drew me to this pattern. 
Warning, this pattern runs big and long!  I cut a size 10 even though my usual New Look Pattern size is 12.  I'd made this pattern before for my daughter, so was already familiar with the fit.  You can read about hers here. Sarah Liz made a version here, and SunnyGal Studio's version is here.
View A is a long, long, long tunic.  Mine is shortened to about the View C length, with View A's lovely scalloped hem.
The back hem is ever so slightly longer than the front and I really like the length on mine.  If you scroll back up and check the model's version on the pattern, the back hem of her top hangs way down below her bottom.  That is not practical for me.
Seams are serged but sewed french seams in the sleeves just because.  At first I wanted to do a bracelet sort of band/finish for the sleeves, but in the end simply turned under 1/4" and hemmed.  If I make this again, I may narrow the sleeves at the wrist a little.  I did not want the buttoned up sleeve 'look'.
Also the placket is long, long, long.  I sewed my mine closed about halfway up and can lean over with no worries.  That might be another thing I change if I make this again, is to simply shorten the placket.  This placket went in nice and smooth and even..... the first time!  Yes!  Also, again, I did not interface anything as I wanted a soft collar and placket.
And slowly but surely our woods are changing colors and transitioning to the lovely Autumnal tones even though our temps are stubbornly staying close to 90 degrees F.  We are 10 degrees F above normal in temps and 5" below normal in rainfall.  Our poor area is drought-stricken and I've almost forgotten what a rainy day looks like.
Fall is my favorite time of year!
So this is 'it' for Summer sewing.  Already got a couple of Fall/Winter tops in process.  Hmmm, wonder if this top would look less summer-ish with a pair of black pants?
Happy Sewing Everyone!  :)


  1. The black pants, add a black silk scarf at the neck and you would have a stunning winter-ish outfit!

  2. What a great top! I love the length and the longer back, and that fabric is perfect for you. I'm sure you'll get some wear out of it before the weather gets too cold.

  3. Beautiful top, Lisa. I love the fabric choice and the longer length in the back :) White or black pants will look great with it :)
    Beautiful pictures as always <3

  4. Beautiful blouse and fabric Lisa. The colour is lovely with the white pants and blue shoes and you chose the perfect length too.

  5. Such a beautiful top Lisa. I noticed straight away the slight change in the leaves on your very first photo. I love autumn/fall too! Happy Fall sewing Lisa!

  6. I can see why you love it. Rayon challis is such a nice fabric. Fall's my favorite time of year too.

  7. Rayon is so nice to wear, but a little naughty to sew sometimes - slips around. I love this top (not surprisingly, and thanks for mentioning me :)). Tunics are always so practical to wear, and hide a multitude of sins. I agree, very long backs are a nuisance - just a small drop like yours is perfect. Hides the bottom, but doesn't get in the way or look odd. Yes, you could wear this with darker pants - and it would also slip over a warmer t-shirt as the weather gets cooler.

  8. This is such a beautiful top - the fit, the shape and fabric! You really know what colours/pattern look good on you. You can wear this with obviously black and white but what about a silvery grey? I think that would look really stunning too!


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