Vogue 1247 Rachel Comey top in blush Peach Linen

Do you ever have a pattern that occupies your mind until you make it and get it all out of your system?  Rachel Comey's beautifully designed slouchy top Vogue 1247 was that pattern for me and until I sewed this version in pale peachy linen, it just would not leave me alone.  Now I find peace and quiet as I wear my pretty new top.  And a special little visitor wanted to be part of my photo for you today.  Look carefully at the flowers to see my little photo-bomber.  :)
My first version of this top was made in 2014 out of a rayon challis with beautiful drape but was oh-so-large and sort of swallowed me, even though I made the correct size as per the pattern measurements.  This pattern runs big, but then it IS supposed to be a slouchy top, right?  So with this version I made all the modifications that had been swimming 'round in my head since the 2014 version and feel I was successful in keeping the slouchy top look, yet creating a better 'fit'.
May I say I absolutely did not like the way this top was looking during its construction.  The linen did not drape as fluid as the rayon challis and with this solid color felt I was going to be looking more like a 'vet tech' than the woman with the lifestyle I lead.  Seriously.  I almost quit, but since I'm not a quitter plugged on and now am glad I did. 
Vogue 1247 is a great pattern for both the top and skirt.
This top is completely customized to me.  Beginning with my previous traced size 10 pattern from 2014, I re-traced a size 6 under the arms tapering to a size 10 at the waist.  At the top of the shoulder I cut to about a size 8.  The hem was re-drawn to a more gentle curve.  Did my own thing with the neckline facing.  Between the way the neckline facing was applied, coupled with cutting off the shoulder top a little, it seemed to raise the V-neck enough so it's decent to wear without a cami/tank underneath and no gaping at all.  Nice. I added the sleeve cuffs to this one and really, REALLY like them.... a lot.  :)
Oh, I also pinched in a little, maybe 1", at the center back neck tapering to nothing.  All seams are french seamed.
Love, love, love the white Ottobre twill pants with this top.  Feels so fresh and cool in spite of this horrible August heat and humidity.
Front and back right side out.  Seams are french seams and with this bulkier linen, it was hard to get that nice convergence of lines in the middle.  But it was pretty close and I'm okay with the result.
Front and back wrong side out.  The hem was serged and turned up.  Fabric purchased at Wal-Mart on clearance for $1.00 per yard.  I've never seen linen at Wal-Mart before and was shocked!  In a good way.
I am very happy with my new top!
Oh, and that special visitor was a Clearwing Hummingbird Moth!  I shared a photo of this beauty on Instagram  a few days ago and thought I'd show a different view in this photo below, on my zinnia.
And in case you needed help finding my special friend on the petunias today, I've pointed her out below.  Can you believe the timing of this photo?!!!  These Hummingbird Clearwing Moths are quick and fast and it was pure serendipity to capture this photo!  Squeal!!  :)
Happy Sewing Everyone!


  1. I love your top, Lisa. I have not been brave enough to try it for myself yet mainly because of the size issue, but I will get there one day. The pale pink with the white pants looks very summery and comfortable. The moth is amazing.


  2. What a find, linen for $1.00 per metre (no, yards, you are imperial aren't you). I hope you snapped up a bit more.

    The alterations have certainly worked and you now have a nice top. I'm glad you persevered. Between you and me, I often suffer from what I call "half way through syndrome" - the stage when I am convinced that what I am making is not going to work out at all!

    The colour is so flattering to you; and I love your little visitor. In my childhood home, we used to have a family of honeyeaters that lived in our air vent bricks! They were gorgeous, flying in and out.

    1. You bet I did! At $1.00 a yard, I bought the rest of that bolt! :) "Halfway through Syndrome" is a great description. Some projects I'm okay, but my goodness I really did almost toss this one.... so it's ironic the amount of love I feel toward it now. Thank you so much Sarah Liz! :)

  3. This is such a perfect summer outfit. The colors are perfect for you and you look great.

  4. Great job! I just sewed this again a couple weeks ago, in cotton lawn (which made those seams easier). And I've ditched mine - I love the idea but the result not so much :-) It needs so many fit adjustments - you're not alone on that - and with all those seams, it's not easy. But yours is so pretty!

    Love the moth, what a colorful body.

  5. Great outfit :) The top has a lovely color and drape and the fit really does look perfect :) Also great timing on that photo :)

  6. I love your top. The sewing lines show up so nicely, and you can see the interesting construction of the front. Hope it keeps you cool in the muggy August. TS

  7. I love this top on you, and of course this dreamy colour! I think you've really defined your look and your style, perfectly. Your wardrobe is so beautifully co-ordinated and you must be able to wear just about anything with everything else, I'm sure! And may I say, you look super pretty in these pictures.


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