Me-Made-May 2016 Days 15 - 21

This was a busy week..... but seems I say that almost every week.... but it was, so I was proud of myself that I captured a photo each day this week for Me-Made-May 2016.  You can read each day's journal synopsis and garment/pattern information by clicking on the link under the corresponding photo.  This post is new information so my poor readers won't get bored with redundancy.  :)
Day 15
I practiced learning to be creative in showing my garment for the camera.  I'm also learning to relax in front of the camera, and hopefully it shows.
Day 16
Our area is officially in a drought, so it was with great excitement to have a day of long awaited rain and I waited to take my photo, below, between rain showers..... though it never rained any more after all.  :(  The lighting was odd.  The sky was cloudy with lots of indirect light, yet this photo seems almost over exposed.  The green plant behind my head is our fig tree.  Hmmm, needs to be trimmed back a little methinks.  :)
Day 17
Every year during Me-Made-May I always try to get up to Table Rock State Park and this year found a nice quiet place behind the boathouse on the lake.  No one was about, so I was able to take my time to figure out what 'story' I wanted my picture to tell.  Of course it's all about the clothes, right?!!!  but as I snapped a few shots, it soon became a quiet walk down a little country lane by a lake. 
Day 18
Not many folks travel to this side of the lake unless they want to use one of the kayaks or canoes from the boathouse.... and I think it is one of the more pleasing areas of the park.
A short drive to a summit, I actually struggled to snap this, below, with my iphone.  I am the world's worst selfie taker!  Cool shot of Table Rock and the smaller tree-covered mountain ridges in between.  My head is hiding Stool Mountain.
And felt I couldn't leave the park without showing you Table Rock with Stool Mountain to its distant right.  The Cherokees called this area Sah-ka-na-ga..... 'The Great Blue Hills of God'.  So true. 
Another cloudy day with teasers of rain so decided to work on my indoor photography which has always been poor, in my humble opinion.  Again wanting to tell some sort of 'creative story', this was a lot of fun to set up and do, below!  Carolyn's beautiful fabric is this far along where I've been stuck on lining vs. facing.  Decisions like that tend to paralyze me.... so almost as an afterthought, shared my struggle on instagram and I am so very glad I did!  So many sewists, who have so much more experience than I, who are so much more advanced in all ways of garment construction were so kind and sweet to give me their opinion on what I should do.  The general consensus was line it with rayon bemberg lining and by the time the afternoon was over, I'd ordered rayon bemberg lining made in Japan from Britex.  I figured this is such a special dress, out of such special material, the lining should be the best I knew how to buy.  :)  As an aside here.... I received my package from Britex in just a few short days.  *insert squeal here*  Now I'm ready to finish this dress!
Day 19
It was about all I could do to snap this photo at the end of a pretty harrowing day, below.  If I hadn't promised myself I would not skip any more days (I've already skipped 1!) this would've been the day. 
Day 20
Our poor little toy Maltese Towa, all 5 pounds of her, had a severe allergic reaction to the oral Bordetella vaccine.  She's received the injectable for years with no problems, but not so the oral.  So very thankful she is fine now.
Saturday was spent with my husband literally out of the house at dawn to still out and about at dusk.  We'd eaten dinner out and was about to head home and I asked if we could run by the South Carolina Botanical Gardens for a quick photo.  Ya' know.... didn't want to miss a photo!!!  He was great and said let's go and we had the absolute BEST time!!!!  We never would've walked the gardens if there hadn't been a necessary photo to be taken!!!  Such FUN!  Usually he's not one for pictures, but he got in the spirit this evening looking for the best filtered light and took more than just a few pictures here and there.  He deliberately set up this photo, below, to show the cool steps leading down to this old archway/bridge so this was one that had to be used.  Used the iphone here.
Day 21
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Now on to the final days of Me-Made-May 2016!

Happy Sewing Everyone!  :)


  1. More lovely clothes and gorgeous scenery. Thank you Lisa.

    1. It's really a joy to share a small part of beautiful South Carolina with the rest of the world. Thank you Kathy! :)

  2. I love that you're telling background stories here and I really enjoyed reading them, thanks for taking the time and putting so much effort in this.

  3. I love looking at your pictures! Cute puppy & glad she's ok.


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