Me-Made-May 2016 Days 22 - 26

Thought it'd be nice to sort of journal May's days and share a little behind-the-scenes happenings without being redundantly outfit overload.   Click on the link below each photo for specific garment/pattern information as I'm not going to reiterate that info here.

I wore this dress and jacket, photo below, to church this day and seems I've accidentally stumbled onto the perfect dress for this jacket!  Love this combo!  But I have to tell you what happened later this day.  My husband and I were at a social event and as I was introduced to this very chic dressed lady, she says 'Oh, I love your dress.'  With that, of course, I wanted to squeal! *, but instead calmly said 'Thank you', when much to my surprise I hear my husband saying, with pride in his voice, 'Oh, you have just made her day because she makes all her clothes'!  With that, this very sweet lady wanted to talk about this gorgeous Toile de Jouy fabric and looked at how the sheep and shepherd were perfectly centered on the bodice.  *Insert big smile here*!  Made my day!!!   How do you respond when folks might compliment you on your handmade garments?
Day 22
A go-to-the-city hot day.....
Day 23
.....and after I got home wanted to share a little of Dragon, as he's been feeling left out lately.   Dragon greets us as we turn into our driveway and always brings a smile to my face.  Tom made him for Melissa years and years ago because she likes dragons.  Our land is blessed (ha!) with rocks and the boulder I'm sitting on here, was already in this location.  All the other rocks Tom scoured from our land, carefully picking just the right shapes to create this rock art.  Dragon is complete with a toothy grin, claws and a long spiny tail. 
Melissa gave him the 'LOVE' sign to hold.  :)
Thrilled to see my hydrangea bush is looking pretty good this year!  Should have blooms soon.  This bush produces both purples and blues.
Day 24
What a fun, fun day, below, with Melissa at Lake Jocassee!  She graciously took my photo for me using the Nikon D3300 set on a tripod.  Such fun as we worked out the lighting and focus together.  She was a great help even though photography is not her thing, and it was real nice having a 'photographer' instead of using the wireless remote.  What was interesting to me, was that I did not feel self-conscious at all, like I do when photographing by myself..... and there was plenty of people out and about this day.  Melissa told me I should not feel self-conscious anyway.  She's a good kid.  :)  We had a lakeside picnic afterwards and spent the morning at the lake.
Day 25
So pretty how the mountains touch the water.

Already hot and humid this morning, planning an at-home day cleaning and organizing day.  Our Southern Springtime is so full of air-born pollen, it's easier to 'Spring clean' this time of year when the pollen has settled down..... a little.
Day 26
And as I was coming up the stairs couldn't help but notice....
.....Buster has found a most perfectly cool place to spend the day!  Under our front deck's julienne stairs, Tom has planted a fern and bracken 'Secret Garden'.  There's a few Solomon Seals and Merry Bells in here too...... :)
Hard to believe there's just 5 more days to go in May!

Happy Sewing Everyone!  :)

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  1. I love this post! Thank you for sharing with us the journey of MMMay'16, you and your outfits are gorgeous. The dragon story made me smile, so sweet :) and so glad that Buster found the best place to spend the day :)xx

  2. Lovely post, Lisa. I have always found a beaming smile and a "Thank you!" covers you for most things from a compliment to a helping hand from someone. I must say your dress and jacket do look perfect together and Buster certainly looks very comfy in his Secret Garden.

  3. Thank you for sharing your week with us. You have alot of lovely outfits.

  4. When somebody compliments me on my clothes I almost instantly burst out with "I made them!", hahaha, I'm just too proud of that to hold myself back! But after reading what happened to you I might force myself to stay quiet the next time, because it is even cooler if the person you talk to finds out that you sew by 'accident' :D
    Thanks for sharing your week, it was fun to see and to read about :)

  5. What a pretty post - full of charming thoughts and pictures to match. Dragon I had already met on I.G., of course. And I love the secret garden (as does Buster!) - I think you and your husband must be romantics:).


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