6th pair of Ottobre 02/2015, no. 14 Loose Fit Casual Pants

A 6th pair of Ottobre no. 14 Loose Fit Casual Pants.  What can I say.... this is a good pattern for me!
These were made just like pair no. 1 you can see here.  Pair no. 2 is here, no. 3 here, no. 4 here and no. 5 here.   This particular pair is made of Waverly Inspiration Duck fabric purchased at my local Wal-Mart for $3.97/yard.  I think I purchased 2 yards.  In-seam pockets made of self-fabric.  This fabric wasn't too thick, so I wasn't worried about pocket bulkiness.
Made a size 38 and as always, altered the way I finished the elastic waistband by simply turning the top down 2" and inserting a 1 1/2" wide elastic.  Make sure your elastic is a heavy-duty elastic.  I've used the stretchier elastic before and that is not a good idea.  You really want these to stay secure, particularly if using a heavier fabric.  What's funny is that Ottobre named these no. 14 Loose Fit Casual Linen Pants.... and I've yet to make a pair in linen!!!  Maybe no. 7..... ?!
My asymmetrical no. 10 Sculpture top was also made from this same Ottobre issue and you can read more about it here.
Really like the way the no. 10 Sculpture top goes with the no. 14 Loose Fit Pants.  Ottobre featured these two patterns together in its issue, so it's almost like each was designed to go with the other.
This pair of pants has a 1 3/4" hem finished with a double needle.  Top-stitched the outside side seams.  I like that as it allows the pant to lie flatter and it's also easier to iron.  :)
My sweet husband surprised me with a Rustic Cuff bracelet  just as I began this new project.  How did he know it would be red?!  Anyway, this is an early Mother's Day gift that I love.  Rustic Cuff bracelets are made in Tulsa, Oklahoma with their own personal inspiring story to share.  What is meaningful to me, is that my mother was born and raised in Sapulpa, Oklahoma and her great-grandparents were part of Oklahoma's historical landrush.  With beloved family members still living in that area of Oklahoma, this bracelet is a tangible reminder of my family and my roots.  The amount of inventory at Rustic Cuffs is startling and their cuffs/bracelets are meant to be layered and 'stacked'..... so this is my humble beginning.  :) 
Still trying to get my camera all sorted out.  Some photos are in clear focus and some simply are not.  Scratching head a little here.
Fun to take a few shots of the blooming Salvia.....
...... to find it's a Buster's favorite napping place.  :)
Before I forget, Me-Made-May 2016 has begun and you can find me at my Flickr account as well as my Instagram account.  My daily outfit photo will also show on this blog's sidebar and by clicking that photo, it will take you to specific garment information and links.  The international group can be found on Flickr here, on Pinterest here and on Instagram under the hashtag #mmmay16.

Happy Sewing Everyone!


  1. What a pretty, summer outfit. I always shy away from bright colored pants, but seeing your lovely red pants, I wonder if I'll get brave enough to try something other than beige, black or navy blue!?

  2. Very pretty outfit, Lisa. Red suits you so well and it's such a happy colour.

  3. Yes, you definitely need one pair in linen! The pants are very flattering and fit you very well! Also red looks so great on you, totally your color! I think you focused on your legs in that one shot, which is fine, because the pants are in the focus :-)
    Have a great day Lisa!

  4. Lovely summer outfit, and I think you have made these just a bit shorter than your cooler weather pairs, which works well for warm weather pants - and allows those lovely shoes to show. What a nice gift - yes, family roots - very important and how nice of your husband to think of these. Mine are so far away and lost in the mists of another land, which makes me sad.

  5. Such a pretty, summery outfit! It's great that you have a TNT pants pattern.

  6. Beautiful, summery and happy outfit! You look great in red :)

  7. What a lovely outfit. I am so jealous of the colours and variety of fabric you have available in the US. The colours really suit you. Lovely gift too.


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