February 2016 'Make a Garment a Month Challenge' plans
and a photo contest submission

Well, the ole blog may have been a little quiet, but there's been a lot happening in the sewing room.
More about that in a later post, but today I wanted to post my plans for February 2016 'Make a Garment a Month Challenge' before February was over and done with.
Sarah Liz, our lovely administrator wrote this about our interesting theme: 
This month’s theme is provided by one of our group members who says –"My thoughts were Freaky/Frightening = anything that scares you, where you know you can probably do it, but apprehension is stopping you. A pattern with lots of pieces, a sewing technique, using fabric that is daunting to you."  So there you have it – tackle something in sewing that you find frightening – for some of us it is buttonholes, it could be zips, whatever your sewing fear is, get on to it and face the fear before it freaks you out totally.
Of course we are free to follow the theme, or not, but this month's was perfect timing for me as my sweet niece is getting married the end of February and I wanted to sew a new dress to wear to her wedding.  A sheath dress.  (I've never made myself a 'fitted' dress before.)  With an invisible zipper.  (I've never installed an invisible zipper before.)  So there's two 'Freaky | Fearful | February biggies for me right there!   

Thinking of appropriate formal wedding attire, the first thing that popped into my head was a classic sheath dress.  Needing a pattern, I chose NewLook 6261.    NewLook Patterns usually fit me well so was hoping this dress would not need many modifications.  Can't remember now why I zeroed in on this particular pattern, but after a quick search at Pattern Review,  I decided this was 'the one'.  Mine will have no lace, and no band wrap at the waist detail.  Just a nice, plain, classic sheath View B. 
This Waverly Inspiration, 100% cotton fabric is my muslin fabric purchased at WalMart for $3.97 per yard.  This dress takes 1 5/8 yards.  I fell in love with the birds and pretty colors.  I'm hoping it will be a wearable muslin.  I have some very special fabric I've been hoarding that will be the fashion fabric if all this turns out well.  :) 
And because I'm feeling the time crunch, the muslin has already begun taking shape.  Here's where I was at the other day.  I showed these two views on Instagram asking for fitting advice and appreciate the feedback I received.  Greatly!  Seriously!  The back view is showing a regular zipper I hurriedly inserted here simply for fitting purposes. 
The basting stitches have been ripped out, alterations made and final stitching has been done.  I've got the invisible zip in..... almost...... I think I'll be okay..... we'll see.  I do not have an invisible zipper foot for my Bernina and am thinking that may be a purchase that needs to be made.  But so far I'm thrilled with how easy the invisible zip is to put in, even using my regular zipper foot, compared to the triangulations of installing a regular zip.  Thought I'd share my new shoes, below, that will go with my new dress.  Parigi by LifeStride and so comfortable for a pump.
Changing subjects to photography..... each year South Carolina Wildlife Magazine sponsors a photo contest and this will be my second year to participate.  The following two photographs are my 2016 submissions.  Both were taken on our property.
Bluebird feeding at Dusk

Fiddle-dee-dee Fiddleheads
Better get back to the final stitching on that invisible zip.
Happy Sewing Everyone!


  1. Well done - so many people get scared of invisible zips, but they really are quite simple to insert, as you are finding out. The only drawback, here, at least, is that they are about three times the price of an ordinary zip. The dress is looking so pretty - and don't forget that the next one will need tweaking as it is a different fabric and will perform differently.

    I do like the Fiddleheads picture - you can almost see the fronds opening. Good luck with the competition.

    And thank you for saying such nice things about me :)

  2. Your muslin is really pretty, Lisa. I'm sure your "proper" dress will be as lovely. I do like your pumps. I have great problems wearing heels these days and I do miss them. Good luck with your competition photography. The little bird is so sweet.

  3. The fabric of the dress is lovely! And I like both the bird photo and the fiddlehead photo.

  4. What a beautiful dress, even though its a muslin I think its wedding worthy! Adore your photos, especially the way you were able to capture the little guy feeding before he flew off. I'm going to be taking a basic photography class in a couple of weeks, just to help me get back into taking pictures.

  5. I'm so excited to see your finished dress and finished wearable muslin! The fabric really if beautiful! And I like those shoes!
    Also you made two beautiful photos your skills are getting better and better :)

  6. What a lovely dress, Lisa! I love the colors! The shoes are nice too but I think you should get some pink or orange ones to go with the dress, LOL! Oh those nature photos are great! You should win! I recently deleted followers that I didn't know. There were several Lisa's on there, and might have been you. I apologize if it was so, let me know and I'll add you back! Have a nice week! Blessings from Bama!

  7. Hi Lisa, your wearable muslin is looking so pretty. Good luck with the invisible zipper and photo contest. Love the bluebird and fiddleheads :)

  8. Thank you so much ladies for your sweet support and encouragement! :)

  9. I can't wait to see your final pictures at the wedding, with the shoes and everything!! It's looking so lovely already :) Your photography skills are outstanding, so wishing you the best of luck with the competition. The two pictures you chose are sublimely beautiful :)


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