2015 - my year in review

It may be mid-January 2016, but I wanted to share my 2015 in review.  I always enjoy looking back on the past year, contemplating where I 'was', where I 'am', and where I 'want to be'.  What a year 2015 has been.  A productive year sewing wise, until my father's passing in September where pretty much all sewing ground to a halt until December when things began to settle down a little.  But today I want to talk about 2015's productivity and what I learned.

When I think about the garments made in 2015, Japanese sewing books and Ottobre immediately come to mind.  THIS was the year of 'discovering' Yoshiko Tsukiori and the beginning of my love for Japanese sewing books.  You can read about this unlined jacket (photo below)   here, pattern n from "Happy Homemade Sew Chic", where I also learned how to enclose seams.....
....then made 2 pattern a dresses from her "Stylish Dress Book" and named them Pointillism (bottom left) and Monet (bottom right).  Monet has a gathered neckline as per pattern instructions, Pointillism is pleated.  The self-fabric belts are a little different too.   And how could I not talk about learning how to insert pockets!!  A life-changer!
The jacket pairs best with each of these dresses.
Then along came another dress from her "Stylish Dress Book Wear With Freedom", pattern m.  I had such fun with this one!  Modified the pattern in a couple of different ways you can read about here.
Another project I greatly enjoyed was self-drafting this little top, below, from "Mrs. Stylebook 2015", a sweet gift from a sweet friend, you can read about it here.  My stretchy knit fabric was probably a little too stretchy and this top looks better worn under a jacket than on its own.
In the throes of tracing patterns from Tsukiori's books, I came across my first Ottobre women's issue mid-year and a new love appeared.  Ottobre patterns seem to fit me well and I made 3 Ottobre No. 10 Sculpture Tops from 2.2015 Spring/Summer issue all three are blogged here....
...and 4 Ottobre No. 14 Loose Fit Pants from 2.2015 Spring/Summer Issue blogged here, here, here and here
Newlook Patterns were still made with 2 Newlook 6246 tops  here and here...
... and 1 NEWLOOK 6735 here. (I made 2 in 2014.  This is one of my favorite Alabama Chanin inspired tops to make.)
Another favorite, 2 Kirsten Kimono Tees here and here....
And 3 skirts
Vogue 1247, Alabama Chanin 4-panel skirt and NEWLOOK 6192. 
A self-drafted Tripod Carrier was made that I love and use always when taking my camera on-the-go.  This flowered duck print fabric was meant to be my muslin and would like to make one in faux suede this year.
Sewed a little for Melissa modifying NEWLOOK 6374 here....
...and 1 comfy pair of pants, McCalls 4979, made here.
2 comfy pair of pants were made for Tom.  Neither blogged, but identical to what I've made him in the past here.
One quilt was made named 'Dreaming of Spring' you can read about here ....
and one flannel (with knit binding) receiving blanket you can read about here.  All given to a sweet family whose third baby was born.
2013 was my first full year sewing garments for myself and 2015 was a pleasurable continuation with emphasis on skill-building and output to replace the dwindling rtw in my closet.  I am not purchasing new rtw, with the exception of cardis, but allowing myself to wear the rtw I currently own.  Statistically 20 garments were made for me, 2 for Melissa, 2 for Tom.  2 quilt/blanket items and 1 tripod carrier for me.  Not much different than 2014, but then I haven't sewn much this last quarter, so really not bad.

I participated in Make a Garment a Month for the 2nd year, as well as a 2nd year of Me-Made-May.  I enjoy both of these groups and each benefit me in different ways.  They will both be continued in 2016.  2015 was my first full year of Instagram where I've found a great sewing community there too.  I participated in a couple of themed sewing photo projects there and until September I was able to keep up with my goal of 1-photo-a-day of 'something' that represented that day to me.  I hope to get back on track with that soon.

Some of my goals for 2015 were not met, and that is okay.  My husband's 1947 CJ-2A Jeep cushions never materialized as the year swept away before more restoration could be done.  I know this is a sewing blog, but thought you might like to see a few photos of the Jeep.  :)
Jeep on Roller Skates (because it doesn't know how to start)
Jeep studying 'How to Start'
First time to start.  A Big Day!
And after years of procrastination, and in spite of purchasing all fabric and supplies, the Roman Shades for the Hearth Room were never made.  This was the photo shared on Instagram during the SewPhotoHop 'Secret Corner of Shame' theme day, below.
Instead we purchased Levolor Tatami Bamboo Roman Shades from Lowe's and had the store custom cut each one for our windows.  I really like this look....... a lot. 
And last, but certainly not least, 2015 was a very special year to connect with international friends, as well as friends in my own country.  You all are dear to me and an integral part of my sewing journey. 

If you've hung in there to the end of this very long post..... thank you.  Thank you for reading my blog and showing interest in the things I make and being a part of my creative journey.   I love our kind, encouraging, supportive sewing community.

Looking forward to 2016!


  1. You had a great year, Lisa, and your wardrobe looks so comfy and coordinated. Here's to an equally as productive 2016. Thanks for taking us along :)

    1. Always enjoy your comments and advice along the way. Thank you Barbara! :)

  2. You had a very productive year - sometimes it seems that we do nothing much at all, but a retrospective shows the reality. Oh, and the where I am to what I want to be. One of my things at the moment - but I really think this can be somewhat out of our control. I think though, as far as these things are concerned, the who I want to be is maybe reflective of the way one handles life challenges. Just my thoughts, of course, yours are probably quite different. Oh and thank you for your participation in MAGAM. Looking forward to your continuing company in 2016 - and maybe that Jeep will learn how to start from time to time. I'm sure it is a fun hobby for your husband, and meanwhile, you would get some time to sew :)

    1. You are a most gracious administrator of MAGAM and I've so enjoyed being a part of your group. Thank you Sarah Liz! :)

  3. You achieved a lot of sewing last year. I enjoy your blog immensely and look forward to seeing more of your lovely sewing and scenery in the coming year.

  4. I'm really glad I found your blog and follow along with your beautiful creations. Thank you for sharing and thank you for your always so kind comments. I hope you have a joyful and great year 2016 and I'm looking forward to hearing and seeing more from you!

  5. So fun to go down sewing memory lane. I didn't realise that this year was your first encounter with Japanese patterns. Love how you are sewing a wardrobe that suits you. Look forward to keeping up with you in 2016.

    1. Mrs. Stylebook 2015 was perfect timing! :) Thank you Erin! :)

  6. So wonderful to look back and see that you have made a gorgeous wardrobe. Look forward to seeing what you make this year, and your beautiful pictures.

    1. Thank you! It's a good feeling to see I accomplished maybe a little more than I initially thought I did. :)

  7. You can be proud of yourself for all the things you have made and learned this year! Happy and productive 2016 to you! Nancy

  8. What a terrific year in review Lisa! you've made much to be proud of. Losing your father must have been a very sad time for you, and I remember how busy and stressed you were for a time there *hugs* I've enjoyed getting to know your more and I certainly hope the year ahead brings joy and happiness to you and to all your family, you deserve it!
    also, the picture of the jeep studying "how to start" made me laugh!

    1. Thank you so much Carolyn! You are terrific inspiration and give such sweet support and encouragement. I have so very much enjoyed getting to know you this past year. Your friendship means ever so much. Hugs!

  9. Love you style and following your sewing with all the ups and downs that life throws at us. All the best for 2016.


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