a third Ottobre No. 14 Loose Fit Pant from 2/2015 Spring/Summer Women's issue

I have made a third pair of Ottobre No. 14 Loose Fit Pant out of brushed cotton twill that I have paired with a rtw Chaps shirt.  My handmade wardrobe is not complete enough to wear entirely handmade; so as it's in the process of being made, I am not buying any new clothes, simply allowing myself to wear the ones already in the closet.  Anyway, back to the pants.  Love 'em! 
I've been wanting a skinny legged pair of pants, and knew the elastic-waist Ottobres fit me well because I've made them twice before, so modified the pattern to become these.  I am pleased.
You might remember the first pair here:
And second pair here:
The pattern is from the 2/2015 Spring/Summer Issue of the Ottobre Women's magazine
and is called No. 14 Loose Fit casual linen pants.  None of my pairs have been made out of linen.
Used the full butt adjustment I made in the 2nd pair of pants as those fit great.  Added 2" to the length, which was almost not enough, but still able to squeak out a 3/4" hem.  Narrowed each leg a total of 2" at the bottom from the knee area down (1/2" each pattern piece) which brought the width circumference to @12".  This is a perfect skinny leg width for me.  It's wide enough to get your foot through, but a skinny fit once on.  In construction steps, these were made like the others, which is a different than what Ottobre would have you do as I wrote about in the first pant's post.  All seams are serged.  Oh, I also top stitched the outside seams with a single needle.  Not only do I prefer that 'look', but it makes ironing so much easier.  Fabric came from Hancock's and at @58" wide, only used @1 1/4 yard.
Because the twill is thick, coordinating quilting cotton from the stash was used for the pocket linings.
Took a little time to experiment with camera settings and lighting this day.  Below, is actually what I wore today.  The jacket is rtw too, and after seeing these photos, not sure it coordinated as well as maybe I thought it did.  Hmmm.  This photo's color is pretty accurate though, just got the shadow of my camera and tripod in the shot. So much to think about!
Switched the camera angle to the other side and it is interesting how it changed the entire lighting.
And here is a completely different place on our land where the grasses have been allowed to grow wild and free.  Their color complemented my outfit's colors and I thought it'd make a nice 'fall' backdrop.  Almost a little too bright though.
And here the grasses hide the topic of my post!  But it was fun to be outdoors on such a beautiful fall day.
Happy Sewing Everyone!  :)


  1. I really like those pants, Lisa, the colour is lovely. Your outdoor shots are beautiful and far superior to my wonky mirror shots. Where I live summer merges into winter with little or no autumn colour.

  2. You outfit looks great Lisa, and you look so lovely in these beautiful pictures! What a wonderful backdrop to your outfit. It really looks like autumn :)

  3. This is totally my color. I got a pair of pants this color and it is my favorite fall pair! I think the combination looks fine and I find it very interesting seeing the differences in your pictures. Thanks for letting us take part in your advances :)

  4. I can see why you love them, vibrant color, and fit well. Beautiful back ground in you pictures!

  5. Such a lovely outfit. I love your new pants, pretty color and looks so well made :) Love the back drop as well.

  6. Your pants are pretty and so well fitting. This pattern is made for you! All three pants are looking so good.:)

  7. I love your beautiful pictures and that you share your experiences with light and camera positioning. Sometimes it's really weird what changing your camera position a little can do to a picture. Your pants fit just perfect and are a great match with the maroon blazer in especially. It's great to see you back again!

  8. Hi Lisa, I am sorry to have not commented earlier - I went away for a few days, very tired now! Firstly, these pants look great on you - the fabric is lovely and I think the pants look like quality pants. And pockets - always nice to use a secret print inside- and wise to remove some thickness and bulk. And superb photo as usual - such a lovely environment you live in.


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