a new owl top for my daughter | NEWLOOK pattern 6374

The rain stopped (yay!), with sunshine and blue skies emerging, it was determined a great time to take photos of Melissa in her new owl shirt.  Buster the Cat wanted to be a part.   She never asks me to make her anything, other than pajama pants, so this shirt was a surprise for her fall birthday.
This is NEWLOOK 6374, in spite of what the envelope below says.   I made view A, modified.  I cut a size 10 and shortened to a top with the same curvy hem as the tunic.  Deleted the hi/low hemline.  It is still a longish top, but perfect with her jeggings she likes to wear.  3/8" seam allowances, with 5/8" armscythe and sleeve seam allowances.  She wanted simple sleeves, so simply turned sleeve hem up 1/4" and another 1/4" and straight stitched.  Let's look a little more at the shirt made of rayon challis..... perfect material for this type of top, giving it lots of flow and drape.
The shirt was not quite done by her birthday and am glad I showed her where I was at with it, as she was able to tell me how she wanted it finished.  Below you can see the simple sleeve she wanted.  She did not want the roll up sleeve with button closure, so this part was really easy.  There may have been a squeal heard when she saw the owl print.  :)
The back with all her hair covering the cool yoke.  *sigh*  Can't think of everything when taking photographs.  Anyway, lots of time was taken getting all the little owls lined up just right on the back yoke.  There's a pleat somewhere in there too.  Here you can also see how long the top still is.
Lots of time was taken with owl placement on the two front yokes too.  One was cut upside down and had to be redone.  Hard to see any of that now with the shirt being worn.  I wanted this to mimic a rtw top she has, so did not interface the placket or neckline facing as I wanted them soft and moveable. 
 The placket gave me the most struggles.  After taking this picture, I ripped out the puckered seam and did not follow the given instructions.....
....instead sandwiching the placket with that little piece tucked inside.
It turned out well.  This is a loooooong placket and is sewn shut a few inches from its bottom for no gaps.  It would look nice to make this shirt with a much shorter placket next time.  No buttons.  It's meant to be 'open'.
 Another shot of the sleeves and hem.
 Buster insisted on his own personal photo shoot.
The rayon challis was purchased from Hancock Fabrics for $6.50 yard.  Used 2 yards, so this shirt cost $13.  Oh but it is priceless to me, as not only does this cute top fit my daughter..... but she loves it!  And she wears it!!!!!  Even better.  :)

This was my last make for 2015.  I'd like to pull together a 2015 in review post, as well as post a few 2016 goals, soon.

Meanwhile, Happy New Year!


  1. I love this post - the owl(s) and the pussycat :). Gorgeous little shirt, and yes, I can see how you have worked hard at the pattern matching. No wonder the placket puckered - rayon has a tendency to pull in, I think. I think the placket solutions (both of them) work nicely - sometimes it's best to just figure things out for yourself. Glad you are both happy...and Happy New Year.

  2. Such a lovely tunic, custom made to your daughter's wishes! Plackets are so fiddly, but you did such a good job with your own method. Sometimes that's better than following complicated instructions.

  3. Such a lovely tunic, custom made to your daughter's wishes! Plackets are so fiddly, but you did such a good job with your own method. Sometimes that's better than following complicated instructions.

  4. That is a lovely top and very much like a style I want to make. I may have to get that pattern and copy your modifications. Your daughter looks very happy in her top and your cat is beautiful. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  5. Happy New Year to you, too! :) That shirt looks great and it fits your daughter really well. And by the way your daughter looks a lot like you!

  6. He he! Owls and the Pussycat, good one! The Pussycat in question looks in charge of the situation, a very fine cat indeed! And the Owl Shirt is superb; I'm not surprised your daughter is smitten with it. Personally I love owls, so have a good 'Owl'iday and Happy New Year to you all. Regards, Trish

  7. It's easy to see that she loves it, that megawatt smile is just like yours! and why she loves it too, those owls are super cute, and it's a beautifully made shirt too! She's a lucky girl to have such a lovely mother as you :)
    I'm looking forward to reading your year in review! :)

  8. Very lovely, and your daughter seems quite pleased. Tell Buster his photo shoot came out well!

  9. Happy New Year! Lovely top for your pretty daughter :) I love the owl and you did a lovely job on the placket. Cute Buster as well :)

  10. A very attractive top and daughter! Oh, and Buster, too, of course. :o]

  11. That top looks really cute on your daughter! Nice job done! Nancy

  12. Your lovely daughter is lucky for having a mother who makes such cute and custom made blouses!


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