A Nature Detective Day

Hello Dear Readers,
I did not mean to be quiet for so long, but hope to be writing more frequently now.  This afternoon's beautiful, mild fall weather beckoned me to come out and play Nature Detective.  I've been experimenting with my handmade clothes seeing what pieces transition from 'summer' wear to 'fall' wear.  Today I'm wearing a white rtw top and jacket with the Ottobre no. 14 Loose Fit Casual Pants from the 2.2015 Ottobre issue.  
A little 'highwater' for socks and boots...... they are comfortable and with the fabric's stain resistant treatment, I wasn't worried about kneeling in the leaf litter.  There's currently a pair on my cutting table that will be made for fall/winter wear and I lengthened them 2". 

Our beautiful distant mountains couldn't help but capture my attention this day.
And these silky Butterfly Weed seeds are what I was photographing.  Interesting how the seeds are on the verge of escaping from their pods.  I wonder if they'll be here tomorrow?
Happy Sewing Everyone! :)


  1. Good to see you back and your nature pictures are beautiful!

  2. Such a beautiful part of the world. And wearing clothes that work makes perfect sense when you are busy enjoying it.

  3. Nice to hear from you again Lisa! :) Those pictures are beautiful, as well as your outfit :)

  4. Lovely scenery! It's good to see you back again.

  5. I have really missed my sewing friends! Thank you so much! :)

  6. Welcome back Lisa. I miss you :) Beautiful outfit and pictures.


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