'I made my clothes'
Fashion Revolution Day

Sewing handmade clothes for myself began early in the year 2013.  On April 24, 2013, I still remember listening to the tragic news of the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh, where so many garment workers were killed and injured due to unsafe working conditions, on my local NPR (National Public Radio) station as I was cutting out a garment; thinking, from this day, I should be more conscious about where and what my money is supporting.  Shortly after this horrible incident, I happened to watch a documentary on our PBS (Public Broadcasting Station) about the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in 1911 that killed over 100 innocent young girls and women and is considered the deadliest accident in New York City's history.  That sealed it for me.  Both these incidents have prompted me to 'think' about my clothes in a different way than before.

In America, clothes are fairly inexpensive and easy to buy with major retailers offering deep sales so often, it seems more like everyday discount pricing.  Many people name 'shopping' as their favorite 'hobby'..... with clothing at the top of the list.

So this Fashion Revolution Day I want to join the conversation... to encourage others to think about the origin of their clothes..... who made your clothes...
Thank you to the lovely Carolyn, of Handmade by Carolyn, for bringing the Fashion Revolution Day to my attention again this year.


  1. Not only is human exploitation part of the story of garment making, but also the sheer waste now - fast fashion is so disposable. And who could possibly love shopping in those big, horrible, garish shops - beats me!

    1. Great point! Thanks for adding to the conversation this day.


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