A Pointillism Dress
Pattern a, 'Stylish Dress Book' by Yoshiko Tsukiori

I have made a new dress.  Wishful thinking to be outside this morning, but it's too cold, and I am excited to share my new dress with you..... so inside pictures it is today!
This dress was not completed in time to wear to Easter services at church, when our weather had been unseasonably warm..... and by the time the last stitch was sewn our weather turned rainy and cold, so I've not been able to wear it out.... even for my recent birthday.  But not to worry, there will be lots of hot, humid, summer days ahead for plenty of wear.  This completes my April plans for the Make a Garment a Month Challenge.
Another terrific garment from Yoshiko Tsukiori, this beautiful dress is from her 'Stylish Dress Book Wear With Freedom", Pattern A.  Her version, below. 
Basic, simple construction of 2 pattern pieces with no zip, buttons or closures to worry about.  It pulls over my head just fine.  The front sports a bust dart and a little taper at the sides.  Traced a size 12 and added 4" total to bottom instead of the 2" + 1 3/8" per instructions.  I am 5'7" and thought I was adding a lot extra to the hem..... until I re-read the instruction for the umpteenth time.... after cutting.... and realized I'd only added less than an inch than what she recommends.  Plenty to play with when hemming, so no problem in the end.  Added 3/8" seam allowances and all other seam allowances per instructions.  Wanting the inside to look nice and finished, it was sewn with french seams. 
Altered front by deleting the gathers and inserting 5 pleats instead.  Other than the center pleat which is sewn, the others are simply turned down and caught in the neck binding's stitching. 
Altered the back with a small center pleat.  Hmmm, not sure the back normally shows this deep of a pleat.  This type of dress should hit at or a little above the knee and looks fine with the wedges I have on today, as well as flat sandals.  Machine stitched the bottom hem with the blind stitch feature on my machine.  This is the third time I've used that feature, and each time have found it an easy process with an almost-invisible hem finish. 
Added a self-fabric belt inspired by "Vogue Patterns" magazine, June/July 2014's issue showing Vogue 1395.
Cut fabric 6" wide by @44" long.  Tapered ends by tracing around plate.  Vogue 1395, to the right in the photo below, looks cute.
This is the dress planned and made to wear with my new Jersey, Bolero style Jacket from Yoshiko Tsukiori's 'Happy Homemade Sew Chic' book, Pattern N.
The dress neckline is a little higher than the jacket's and offsets this type of swing jacket perfectly.... I think.  Both feel great on and both will get a lot of wear this season.
I was so afraid this dress might look like a tent, but it looks anything but!  Even without the belt, the dress is pretty.  So don't be afraid of trying a new type of pattern.  You might be surprised at the outcome!
Happy Sewing Everyone!
UPDATE: 5.03.2015  FINALLY warm enough to wear my new outfit to church.  You can see more photos here.


  1. I love this! Looks bright and cheerful!

  2. What a lovely spring/summer outfit. I love the dress by itself and the jacket is wonderful if you want to "cover up" just a bit. I think the belt (like the wider width as opposed to a narrower one) really makes the dress. Gorgeous color. Gosh, what's not to like about it??

  3. Lovely dress, the tie is the perfect accessory, I like the width and length. I have been eyeing this dress pattern, but fearing the shapelessness, but I am now inspired by your pretty dress to look for a floral with a soft drape to make it!
    Hope you get warm weather soon so you can enjoy this outfit outdoors!

  4. Such a pretty dress. I like the wide tie belt, also, it looks more "on purpose" than afterthought. I may try that idea in future.

  5. So pretty & summery! It'll be great to wear when it gets hot this summer.

  6. I love your pretty dress, Lisa! Those pleats are much better than gathers. And it looks great with belt :)

  7. Thank you so much ladies! You've all made my day! :)

  8. I'm late to the party here - as you know, I have been away, and then arrived back to a big east coast low (what you call cyclone). So I haven't been able to say hello as I had a 4 day power outage.

    Your dress is so pretty - I think the back pleat is okay - it's going to do what it wants in any case. I love your binding - so neat. I guess quilting skills have come into play. What a great idea to use a plate for tracing your curved edges. I hope you enjoy wearing this smart dress -and your lovely cardigan - a lot during summer.

    1. With all you've got going on Sarah Liz, you're never late to the party..... I'm just grateful you stopped by! You know, quilting skills have helped my garment sewing skills. Such different sewing hobbies.... yet complement each other well.


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