NEWLOOK 6246 Pants - a new wardrobe staple

Earlier this month I completed a dusky gray-blue pair of pants from NEWLOOK 6246.  Already I've worn them quite a bit and find they are comfortable for errand running and general knocking about, particularly since I added pockets a-la NEWLOOK 6216.  :)  

The photos below are from my Me-Made-May 2014 participation, where I pledged to wear 'something' made by me each day. These are the days I wore my new pants.
Day 9
Day 17
Day 25
I've made the NEWLOOK 6216 pants a number of times now and was looking for another slim-fitting, straight leg, elastic-waist pants when I found NEWLOOK 6246 and purchased the pattern from our local Wal-Mart, where all the NEWLOOK patterns are priced at $2.97 each   Pattern Review notes:  NEWLOOK 6246 view C & D "Woven cropped pants are slim and have hemmed or tied ankle. Pants also have elastic waist and pockets."   Before I did anything, I placed both patterns, the 6216 and the 6246, on top of each other, to see there was a slight difference between the two.  That made it easier to determine the changes I wanted to make on the 6246.
In-seam pockets are not a favorite of mine, so I altered the pocket using the NEWLOOK 6216 cargo-type pocket.   I like the white top-stitching against the gray-blue fabric.
 Added 2" to the length, no ties at hem.....
 .....and raised the center back 1/2".  
Now that I am writing my post, I cannot seem to find the THREADS link to a Sandra Betzina diagram I found about raising the back on a pair of pants, so I've drawn my own little diagram to show you what I did, below.  I am no expert, by a long shot!, in fitting, but this made sense to me and seemed to work.  The front measured about the same as the NEWLOOK 6216, so I knew that would be okay, but knowing the 6216's back was a little low, I took a chance with the 6246.  No slashing of pattern, just used my ruler to draw a line raising the center back 1/2".  The dashed lines are the new cut lines for the waist.  Glad I did.  These fit well.  I cut a size 10 and serged all seams with @3/8" seam allowance.
Don't elastic-waist pants look awful on a hanger?!, but oh-so-comfortable to wear.
Blue-gray cotton fabric purchased at Wal-Mart for $2.00/yard, 44" wide, 2 1/2 yards = $5.00

These pants are definitely worth $5.00!


  1. I've got this pattern too!! I bought it for our next summer, so it is nice to see it made up with your touches. Lovely colour cotton.

    1. Let's see.... 'great minds think alike'?!


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